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Fiorenzato AllGround Home Grinder Review

So here it is. The team at Fiorenzato have outdone themselves after overhearing that we were looking to fill the gap in the market for a total all-rounder for home use, that is also sleek, quiet during use and ergonomic too.

Their new AllGround grinder that I was repping at the London Coffee Festival is an absolute dream – check it out here at 10:05:00 for the relevant part of the video for as long as the link remains active for the London Coffee Festival Virtual 2021.

Although released as their ‘home’ grinder we have quite rapidly decided to make the AllGround our recommended secondary grinder for most coffee shops in need of grinding for their second espresso option (perhaps for their decaf and high quality filter coffee service needs). We have found the AllGround to be the most capable, affordable all-rounder in the market (as an all-rounder we mean a model that capably grinds for espresso and filter settings without actually creating undesirable, imbalanced flavour in doing so). The AllGround is a grinder with exceptionally low retention, and it is ergonomic for all mediums too with its intelligent screen that adjusts its mode according to your grind setting selection. The big wins are here for you in a more succinct list format, all taken from our own experience and comparison to expectations for a grinder of its price:

  • Intuitive screen which amends its display to suit the setting you’re at (timed and programmable grinding settings for espresso, but manual grinding for moka, filter, cafetière etc)
  • Incredibly easy to clean due to the ergonomic ‘pop off’ adjustment collar (and the very very low retention of the grind chamber – you only need to purge 11 grams of coffee to start seeing the effects of any grind adjustment at espresso level)
  • Red speed coated, hardened steel burrs made by Fiorenzato themselves (so they are not outsourced unlike with most manufacturers’ grinders). At 18g espresso doses and brewing 3 espresso drinks per day, these burrs may well last a home user 6 years. For professional use that may still see a burr lifespan of 3-4 years in a coffee shop if used only for filter and secondary grinding.
  • 64mm diameter burrs with an omni-cut profile – this cutting profile has been specifically developed to produce the correct percentage of fine and coarse particles needed for ideal results across a full range of textures from espresso right up to Chemex and batch brew (meaning sweet, balanced flavour potential for you at any of its grind settings). This is not a marketing play either, it genuinely dose allow you to produce favourable results compared to many more expensive grinders from leading manufacturers, when it comes to particle size distribution across the full range of texture needs. This includes the all-important espresso settings, where precision really counts – no workarounds are easily possible nor highly successful when trying to mask or mitigate grinding error for espresso. 😊
  • To go even geekier, from our testing we see that it is immediately possible out of the box with an AllGround to target slightly higher extraction yields for your espresso and filter coffee, without introducing the usually expected ‘over-brewed’ profile into the cup in doing so. Effectively, this means a harmonious balance of texture, acidity, sweetness and bitterness is possible even where you might normally start to feel coffee becoming drying, astringent or heavy and dull. This should follow for filter coffee trials too, though we have not yet tested a wide enough range of brew methods yet to vouch for this in totality…to be continued!
  • Built-in portafilter hook & sealable coffee container – we forget to mention these occasionally because we’re surrounded by commercial grinders that generally include one of these by default. Nevertheless, they’re both in the AllGround spec by default. Allowing you a hands-free but stable, repeatable espresso brewing method, along with an easy way of storing ground coffee before use (preventing loss of the aromas with a silicon seal too).
The Big Wins with the AllGround by Fiorenzato at Home
Adjustment of grind setting innovation Helpful text printed on the adjustment collar / ring. Also, the screen automatically adjusting to reflect grind setting (ergonomic and avoids major error and waste)



Grind setting adjustment and display change Move it anti-clockwise for espresso and finer grind settings, and clockwise for coarser grinds such as filter coffee and Chemex brewing needs.



The display will change to reflect the texture you’ve selected. At espresso, you’ll get programmable timed grinding for your double shots (we recommend brewing double shots by default).
At filter grind settings, you’ll get manual grinding with time elapsed displayed, but not programmable recipes as they’re relatively useless in those domains.

Speedy work pro tips! Use portafilter hook for speedy espresso work; retention is very low and so you only need to purge a small amount to see the effects of a slight adjustment to your grind texture
Burr quality and lifespan 5-6 year burr life (if making 3 coffees per day with 18g coffee doses)


Red speed coating on the burrs for long-life before drops in peak flavour are seen

Food safe steel and omni cut profile Production of burrs are in-house at Fiorenzato, allowing them to create their own omni-cut burr profile. The burrs are even food safe certified M340 steel too
Build quality Durable solid grinder as always, feels nicely heavy and solid. The build is clearly intelligently done to avoid noise and unnecessary casing vibrations, which is remarkable considering its price point being so low! The lack of vibrations seem to also help dose consistency as it’s remarkably pinpoint when used with the programmable espresso grinding timing.
Easy to clean and maintain The grinder is absurdly easy to open and clean, making for quick tool-free maintenance. But, since the grinder has very little retention to clean anyway, you won’t be finding a huge mess to clean in the first place after scooping the beans out of the hopper and grind chamber to save!

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