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The stars have aligned.

Our new look is here and it is 100% home compostable. We are more inspired than ever to build a coffee industry that works for everyone.

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Coffee Unites People.

We are a coffee company and family united by a love for great coffee and a desire to protect all it supports. We source specialty grade coffees from a valued network of producing partners, working with them to establish long term relationships based on trust, respect and the potential for positive future impact. We roast those coffees intuitively, coaxing out aromas that exist thanks to the unique terroir and post-harvesting techniques that have been applied. This ensures a cup full of character with maximum sweetness, minimal bitterness and plenty of interest, elevating the consumer coffee experience.


‘BUILDING AN INDUSTRY THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE’ – We aim to prove that an approach based on quality and impact can improve the viability of business models across the coffee supply chain. We have a vision of a more certain future for coffee, free from the volatility of the commodity market and resilient to the impacts of climate change. Join us in this mission and help to create a more certain future for coffee.

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Our Coffee.

decaf home

Single Origin CO2 Decaf

Biscuit, chocolate, raisin

Rwanda Cyato Anaerobic Natural

Strawberry, Pomegranate, Date

Brazil Fazenda Rainha Da Paz

Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cinnamon

Colombia Altos de Maria

Toffee, Red Apple, Peach

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Refill Stores

We’re delighted to see zero-waste and refill shops on the rise, and what’s even better is that we have a few to choose from in Leeds. How do they Work?…

We are Hiring: Account Manager

Our company was founded in 2013 with the sole aim of putting the humanity back into the commoditised coffee supply chain to build an industry that works for everyone. We…

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We work directly with growers we know and trust to source specialty grade coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility to not just sustain, but to improve how things work.

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