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Ethiopia Kochere

Peach, Black Tea, Jasmine

Dark Arches

House Blend of Brazil, El Salvador & Sumatra beans

Colombia Los Naranjos

Lemon Curd, Butter, Honey

Peru Nehemias Flores

Milk chocolate, Cherry, Peach, Florals

Czar Street Seasonal

Seasonal Blend showcasing most recent arrivals

El Salvador Chelazos

Plum, Tangerine, Marzipan

Rwanda Gihombo

Blackcurrant, Tangerine, Vanilla

Kenya Ragati PB

Blackcurrant, Vine Tomato, Lemon

Nicaragua Cerro de Jesus

Melon, brown sugar, clementine

Nicaragua Finca La Cascada CO2 Decaf

Brown sugar, tangerine, raisin

Burundi Gahahe

Raspberry, Red Apple, Peach


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North Star Coffee Roasters

We are North Star Coffee Roasters

North Star Coffee Roasters was established in 2013 as the first coffee Roastery in Leeds dedicated to providing coffees of the highest quality by working with specialty focused producers all over the world.


Our love for coffee comes from its power to connect people all over the world with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships with the fantastic people behind our product.

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