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Upgrade Your Office Coffee with These Simple Tips and Tricks

Keeping your team fuelled with great coffee may just be the competitive edge your business needs.

Can an office relying on stale instant coffee really be as happy as one that enjoys freshly ground specialty coffee, brewed to extract the most beautiful of flavours? Well, if you ask us, no – not even close!

We recently wrote an article about the Swedish term, “Fika”, and how coffee breaks are prioritised and celebrated so wholeheartedly in Sweden and around Scandinavia. And is it any wonder the Scandinavian countries often get regarded as being so productive?

So, how can offices get started with better coffee and deliver the one office perk that employees have been waiting for?

Well, stick with us and we’ll make sure your office gets the coffee beans and equipment necessary to achieve great things.

Office Coffee Equipment


To get the most out of great coffee, you’d need a bit of equipment to deliver the best results. If you want to discuss what the best coffee equipment would be for your specific circumstances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’d be happy to listen to what kind of coffee you like and how your business operates, to ensure we can find the best solution for your office. Whatever your office size and budget, there’ll be an option that suits you.

The recommendations listed below offer some ideas to think about when getting started:

1. Espresso Machines for an Office


Espresso machines come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the quality can vary quite dramatically.

Any quality espresso machine, such as a La Marzocco, can require an investment, but it allows you to create world-class shots of espresso, excellent steamed milk, along with tea from their hot water spouts. They’re temperature controllable too, so you really can make it bend to your needs for different drinks.

We would recommend you stick with quality brands such as La Marzocco as cheaper brands may not function to a suitable standard, nor last as long. Plus, the investment seems steep only up until the point that you begin using it and experience the dramatic benefits a quality machine provides.

Worried about costs? If so, we always recommend planned purchasing through your bank or by leasing and opting for higher quality kit. Doing otherwise means you’ll be replacing kit more frequently which of course ends up costing you much more in maintenance or replacements over even 3-4 years.

If you want to wow clients, or you have a small team, then an espresso machine could be a great option. There is skill required to operate such machines, so barista training would probably be necessary. Alternatively, get in touch with us about the latest technology in bean-to-cup machines for self-service in your office. This is an area we see a huge growth in demand for, partly due to the impressive quality that can now be achieved with machines like the Eversys shotmaster or Cameo machine, available through us now as a national distributor of their gear.

Espresso machines (manual or bean-to-cup) with a steam wand will allow you to steam your milk and make some of your favourite drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. There is no replacement for this style of drinks, and half-hearted attempts at them seem ‘ok for now’ until you realise what you can achieve with only a little more investment.

Espresso machines should ideally be used with a quality coffee grinder too, unless they are bean-to-cup of course. Espresso machines use very finely ground coffee, therefore, it’s best to only grind the coffee just before use. This ensures you get the most out of the coffee you use.

An espresso machine worth investing in is likely to be the most expensive type of brewing equipment you’d buy or rent, but for many, the quality it produces is a necessity. We would usually only recommend espresso machines for offices that are happy developing their coffee skills and feel confident using such equipment.

2. Filter Coffee for an Office

There’s a range of filter coffee machines to choose from, making it possible to find one perfect for your specific office.

In our opinion, the perfect filter coffee brewer for an office environment is the Moccamaster, pictured above. You’ll all be happy with the flavours produced and the ease of making over a litre of coffee at a time; moreover, the boss will be happy that it isn’t costing thousands in investment to allow you to do so.

Some batch brewers are designed for making a few coffees a day, while others can make up to 200. This makes it possible to select one that will fit into how your office is likely to use it.

For those of you that don’t mind manually brewing or have the flexibility to do so at work, get started with brew methods like the Chemex, V60, and Aeropress. They’re great additions to the kitchen anyway and often end up a talking point amongst those at work or at home. If you are worried about budgets and costs for coffee-making, those can also be the easiest way to get started.

For a more automated and hands-off approach to office filter coffee, brands like Moccamaster or Marco, (with their BRU device, pictured below) provide amazing tasting coffee, quickly and effortlessly.

We can recommend the best coffees depending on what type of brew method you pick so make sure you get in touch with us here at North Star Coffee.



3. Bean to Cup Machines


Bean to cup machines are becoming increasingly popular.

They often compromise taste for convenience but there are some good options out there now, as stated above with the example of Eversys – a brand that arguably makes coffee more easily and at much higher quality than most baristas on manual machines. We stand behind those – but very few other models – as quality gear for self-service in coffee.

Many of the home bean to cup machines aren’t necessarily built to make 100s of coffees a day, so we can help recommend ones that are suitable for how you’ll use yours, if need be.

More information on these can be found on product websites, but for the real low-down you are far better off speaking to us directly.

What are the Best Coffee Beans for your Office?

The type of coffee beans most suited to your office will largely depend on personal preferences and what brew method you choose.

Some our of coffees lend themselves perfectly for espressos, while others deliver unique and complex fruity notes when brewed using methods such as V60 or Chemex.

If you browse our online shop, you can read the descriptions of each coffee and discover which ones will offer you the flavours you deem tasty!

We can also put on coffee cupping events to showcase all the various coffee profiles, helping customers decide what is right for them by direct comparison in a tasting.

Get Started with North Star Coffee

We’re passionate that great coffee should be enjoyed everywhere, from cafes, restaurants, at home, and in the offices and places we work.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get set up with everything you need to start serving amazing coffee in your office, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can give you demonstrations on specific equipment as well as getting you set up with tasting sessions so you pick the best coffee for your office.

We can ensure you get the best equipment at the best prices as well as filling it with only the best specialty coffee beans, ethically sourced and roasted.

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