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Commercial Coffee Grinders

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Here at North Star Coffee, our business revolves around quality right the way from the specialty grade coffees we source and roast to the advice and assitance we provide to our wholesale partners and customers in getting the best equipment for their setup and helping them to get the most out of their beans.

As an established and accredited Coffee Academy, we are fortunate enough to have access to a whole range of equipment that we rigorously test for its capability to produce consistent, quality results.

The quality of your brewed coffee really starts with your coffee grinder so if you are wanting coffee to be a key part of your offering, this really is an essential element to get right. We also have a range of handheld or smaller scale grinders for home use along with the very best commercial grade coffee grinders designed to cope with volume perfectly in a variety of businesses from cafes to restaurants/hotels.

The support we offer is unrivalled in providing advice on not only how to use your coffee grinder but also how to integrate it into your workflow to get the most out of your setup. We have a wealth of experience with all major commercial coffee grinder brands and can help with installation, calibration and usage guidance, helping you to get the most out of the coffee you use.


Range of Commercial and Wholesale Coffee Grinders

Commercial Coffee Grinder Reviews and Recommendations

We offer a variety of options to suit a range of budgets and setup requirements and are happy to chat you through the products available giving you an honest review of each one so you know everything there is to know.

Through the Coffee Academy, we are also well informed about any new releases of products or technology to help ensure your coffee offering is updated and relevant, giving you the most efficient workflow possible.

Refurbished Second Hand Coffee Grinders

As well as selling the best commercial grinders, we can also help you find refurbished or second-hand grinders. Through our extensive network of suppliers and cafes we are well positioned to help guide you in the right direction.

For any enquiries regarding coffee grinders or other equipment, please get in touch today and see how we can help you pull the most out of your beans!

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