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Anfim grinders

Originating from Milan, Anfim are in our opinion some of the most practical and reliable grinders in the coffee market. They are certainly worth considering for those looking to make high quality espresso in an easily manageable workflow for years without replacement of equipment. Anfim grinders are designed specifically for grinding espresso, and the products they create are brilliant in function, yet usually go a little under the radar. Marketing and brand image have done a lot to impact grinder popularity since specialty coffee service began to grow rapidly, and Anfim did not necessarily spend so much on marketing their grinders, nor did they change their long-lived and long-loved build and design to suit the perhaps superficial movements of the industry. This does not change the fact that their grinder performance still reigns supreme in many ways, and their grinders extremely simple to maintain, with a low chance of user error causing a breakage too. Read on for info on each actual model in the range!

Anfim SP II (Special Performance Mark 2)

The Anfim SP II espresso grinder is a fantastic grinder for high volume coffee shops. It is a grinder we have used both here in our Academy and within our own Coffee Shop, and we’ve been extremely impressed with the results it delivers. With features such as a dual cooling fan system and a dosing time of less than 5 seconds, even for up to 18 grams of light roasted specialty coffee, this grinder is fully equipped for any café setting, capable of handling the highest outputs possible in barista service. It will also take out most of the clumps that most espresso grinders leave in coffee dosing, which removes a little of the static and humidity impact on ground coffee. It also mitigates human error that previously was unavoidable in the distribution of ground coffee prior to tamping. All in all, this is our grinder of choice at North Star for easily manageable quality coffee workflows, that lower both your coffee and time wastage in service, and too reduce your chance of inconsistency!

Anfim Super Caimano On Demand (SCODY Mark 2)

Also known as the SCODY II, this grinder has now been discontinued for sale in the UK, due to the introduction of the Pratica listed below. Though an excellent grinder by performance, longevity and build, the SCODY spec had no features left unattended by the new Pratica. Mainly a new casing and a few extra benefits and user-intuitive tweaks to improve access for cleaning and recipe control. We hadn’t found anything majorly counter-intuitive in the SCODY, so hopefully the new grinder lives up to the great standard that we achieved with the low RPM, high grind quality SCODY models. Red on for info on the Pratica as the new choice for users desiring all that the Super Caimano On Demand range offered in the past.

Anfim Pratica

A new model for 2018, the Pratica combines the features of the now discontinued Super Caimano On Demand (aka SCODY II) with a more rounded casing, designed to be an entry level espresso grinder for high quality coffee service. It is not as technologically advanced as the above SP II, but features a lot of important technical features for a relatively good level of consistency in espresso, appropriate to its slightly lower price tag (when compared to the SP II). This model is quite new and we are yet to put it through its paces as intensively as we have done with other Anfim models to date. But, on paper the specification looks good, with the following key elements looking impressive: ergonomic dosing (improvements on the discontinued SCODY models apparently); easy access to the inside of the dosing chute for cleaning; quicker and easier adjustments to dose time and grind setting (these have never been difficult on any Anfim grinder however).

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