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We live and breathe coffee here at North Star Coffee Roasters and our team are perfectly positioned to help you find the best coffee machine and equipment. We are passionate about quality and only recommend equipment and machines that deliver exceptional results. We are official partners of La Marzocco coffee machines and have worked to develop a flourishing relationship with this leading espresso machine retailer. We have a wealth of experience working with and testing a range of coffee machines and we believe that La Marzocco provides the technology and specifications needed to create world class cups of coffee.

La Marzocco Coffee Machine Prices

As a long-standing wholesale partner of La Marzocco in the UK, we access the most current and flexible pricing on La Marzocco espresso equipment that is possible at the time of enquiry. The same goes for spare parts, servicing and all of your other essentials for customising your espresso set-up to your needs.

For handmade espresso equipment with such longevity and an attention to detail in build quality, performance and aesthetic, the decision to buy is a no-brainer next to other alternatives for espresso equipment in the UK. We’re here to make the process of buying La Marzocco equipment as easy as it can be for you, whether that means arranging a lease or buying outright.

Simply get in touch with Matt at and we’ll develop a quote that meets your specific requirements!

Benefits of La Marzocco

Unparalleled temperature and pressure stability for continuous espresso brewing and continuous steam production.

The highest accuracy in each key piece of technology. Restricted water flow paired with the most accurate in-built weighing scales and volumetric systems means the La Marzocco at any level of chosen technology will leave you with the most accurately brewed espresso.

Unmatched build quality, handmade and hand-tested espresso machines.

Stainless steel parts are used in place of the poorer quality copper parts chosen by other manufacturers. Steel holds heat much more effectively, and is much stronger, so it is not only longer-lasting and at low risk of degradation or wear; but is also very easy to maintain and holds onto nothing that is left in its system, keeping your espresso coffee taint-free consistently.

Eco-friendly operations due to built-in eco modes being available, as well as all machines featuring highly insulated boilers, stainless steel parts and intelligent digital calibration upon set-up. You will reduce your water wastage, energy bills and environmental impact by choosing a La Marzocco machine.

A beautiful aesthetic and brand presence. Perhaps one of the most unprecedented yet powerful benefits we have seen with La Marzocco machines is the reputation they carry, and ultimately the impact this has on your customers’ perception of your coffee. They build such a positive preconception with coffee lovers and are so widely appreciated for quality that people are pre-disposed to enjoy coffee served from a La Marzocco before they even taste it. This is an unmeasurable but very commonly appreciated phenomenon in coffee shops that we have found mentioned to us all over the UK!

Unmatched local support. La Marzocco are situated less than 5 minutes from North Star in Leeds city centre, and like ourselves take customer service very seriously. They want the best for you and your experience of their machines and brand, and we want the best for our coffee ad our customers’ experience of working with us.


For a full breakdown of La Marzocco please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re happy to discuss your specific requirements and our team have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you get started with La Marzocco coffee machines.

Features and Specifications

Each model is different and serves a different type of requirement but as a brand, La Marzocco packs a lot into its products, including:

Water dosing accuracy

La Marzocco machines feature the highest degree of accuracy in water dosing due to high quality, precise and very narrow flow injectors and highly modern flow meter technology. For you this means a precise espresso recipe is maintained through long periods of busy service without even minor fluctuations to your water recipe, and it means less hassle with readjustments of your kit in the quieter times where your equipment will be at its most idle.

Thermally insulated dual boilers

All La Marzoccos come equipped with highly thermally insulated dual boilers for both espresso and steam production, meaning a more energy-efficient machine that produces higher quality water and steam without meaning extra work done or any workarounds being needed. It also happens to lead to reduced energy bills for your business over time!

Saturated groups

Espresso machines from La Marzocco feature highly saturated groups in almost all models, meaning you get an instantaneous, totally consistent flow of brewing water from each group to each espresso basket, meaning more evenly brewed espresso on both sides of the machine and no change to the way in which your espresso brews whether your business is busy or quiet.

External controllable water pumps

The water pump to all commercial La Marzocco models is easily controllable to tune the pressure at which it operates, meaning you can create a gentler water flow to your espresso. This will reduce your risk of ever under-brewing your coffee, and the risk of unevenly brewing it due to either slight human error or any grinding issues.

Pre-infusion for error correction

Programmable pre-infusion on most La Marzocco models further evens out slight human error in espresso preparation and any minor dosing or grinding issues.

Unmatched water quality

The La Marzocco have pioneered an innovative relationship with BWT for water quality optimisation, and have made their machines compatible with industry-leading water technology for keeping their machines the healthiest and longest-living, and for optimising the espresso you can create even further, to the point where you could even create your own water to match it to the coffee you are using.

Precision espresso out of the box

La Marzocco pioneered most of the major innovations we see in brewing technology today, and have now done so with the barista accessories that are included with each machine. VST quality-assured espresso baskets come with each machine as standard, along with equally weighted portafilters (alternatively you may purchase the optional extra of naked portafilters) for super clean, and super quick espresso service. When paired with a quality grinder, out of the box you can reach the highest industry standards in espresso with any of La Marzocco’s machines, even with their domestic model – the Linea Mini.

Unmatched overall build quality

It’s true that other machines out there can make exceptional espresso over time. The point of difference for La Marzoccos is that ‘over time’ here extends to 20+ years of service in an impressive amount of machines. When following the minimum standard of maintenance required to make great coffee every day, you’ll see the difference in La Marzocco’s build quality when it lasts your business at least 3 times the average lifespan of an espresso machine. Our first La Marzocco at North Star turns 20 years old in 2017 and is still in service with one of our customers in Leeds!

Frequently asked question

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