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Brewing on the go guide

Are you spending the holidays away from your beloved coffee setup this year? Facing the prospect of a substandard brew or even the dreaded instant?!

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Wet vs Dry Cappuccino

The widely recognised cappuccino is a staple in cafes across the globe. An espresso-based drink with foamy, textured milk is the simplest description I can offer, however the specifics encompassing...

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Coffee in the Outdoors

You can’t beat a good cup of coffee while you’re camping. From Stove Top to AeroPress, we’re sharing the best ways to brew a great cup while out in the...

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Krag's Tiramisu Recipe

Ingredients: 100ml strong coffee (see step 1) 4 eggs 75g caster sugar 450g mascarpone 2 tbsp sweet marsala (optional) 2 tbsp dark rum (optional) 16-24 savoiardi biscuits (or boudoir), depending...

The Inevitable Price Update

I have been actively holding off writing this post for as long as possible, avoiding looking too closely at our numbers and hoping it will all just sort itself out....

10 Years of North Star

We’ve only gone and turned 10 years old! Can you believe it?! Because we definitely can’t.  It really has been quite the ride and in celebration of North Star’s 10th year...

James' visit to El Zapoteco

Mexico is like no origin I have visited before. Forget picture perfect, fields and fields of well kept, young and highly productive coffee trees. Instead smaller parcels of land dot...

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Be Delighted by Decaf

I have been working in coffee for nearly 13 years now and one of the first things people say to me upon learning of my job role is ‘Oh I...

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How to choose the perfect coffee

Coffee. What a wonderful thing it is to have coffee in our lives?! Love it for that hit of caffeine first thing in the morning or that peaceful five minute...

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Bonraw x North Star

We are so excited to partner up with fellow B Corp, Bon Raw for the launch of a brand spanking new product, the panela iced coffee kit. 

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What grows together goes together…

“WHAT GROWS TOGETHER, GOES TOGETHER!” Easter is just around the corner and seeing as chocolate is synonymous with this time of year we wanted to celebrate all that is cacao!...

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Our Impact Report

Our impact has always mattered to us here at North Star. This report is the first in what will be an annual publication moving forwards in which we will critically and...

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