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Falcon Coffee

North Star co-founder Hols started her coffee career working for the Specialty Coffee team for Falcon. This was a pretty formative experience leading to her becoming a certified Q Grader in 2014 and giving her the opportunity to travel to coffee producing countries to learn about the supply chain (and hunt for some standout lots too!). Falcon continue to play a crucial role in North Star’s sourcing approach, assisting with the logistics and financing of our coffees bought from Vava, Tropic and Bertu Coffee. 

As a company, they see their role as being integral to driving the socio-economic change needed to ensure the coffee industry reaches its full potential. Their approach is centred around providing farmers with: access to finance, agronomy training, post harvesting training, price risk management, market access and logistical assistance. 

They also have a range of supply chain partnerships that provides them with an amazing offer list of high quality coffees, many of which support further initiatives focused on achieving sustainability in rural communities. You can read more about these coffees and initiatives by clicking on the following links


Once his coffee has left the farm, it arrives at Falcon’s warehouse in Jaen where the quality is assessed and a fair price, often 30% more than that of the local market value, is paid.  The Blueprint program has been pivotal in forging long-term relationships with producers like Elevi, placing a real emphasis on improvements in coffee quality and increasing participant household income through access to these quality premiums.


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