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Established in 2000, Caravela was founded with a simple purpose: to make coffee better, for everyone involved. The team source Latin American coffees from small-scale producers in often ‘hard to reach’ regions and bring those coffees to the international market to seek out responsibly minded roasters who are looking to forge supply partnerships more closely with those growers. This prioritisation of working with small scale growers matches perfectly with our approach as, traditionally, they would have been forced to sell their coffee to farm-gate buyers (known as coyotes) for a price not representative of the value or costs involved in producing it. 

Caravela works with a global network of around 4000 producers across 7 countries, playing a key role in being ‘present’ for those producers through its team of highly trained agronomists and quality analysts who work on the ground. This team is known as PECA (which stands for ‘Grower Education Program’ in Spanish) and brings together 40 employees who work to provide continuous education (through frequent farm visits) to producers and their families on best practices to result in improved productivity, yield and quality to boost their profitability. This is such a vital role and one that we are powerless to play, hence our reliance on supply chain partners such as Caravela.

They are also a B Corp certified business which has been recognised for the past 5 years as the highest scoring coffee company in the world - pretty impressive!

Strengthening climate resiliance in El Salvador with Caravela.

Our El Salvadoran and Colombian coffees are sourced in partnership with Caravela and you can read more about the initiative we co-established with them here.

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