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Are you a business wanting to partner with us on your coffee offering? Since our inception in 2013, we have offered a dedicated wholesale service for the supply of coffee, machinery and professional training alongside amazing mindfully sourced tea and hot chocolate.

Over the past decade we have watched our North Star wholesale family grow, producing some of the best loved coffee spots and hospitality spaces in their respective areas. It has been an absolute honour to have played a part in making this happen and we jump at the chance to help others do the same. 

You can read more about what matters to us here but you should know that we are totally dedicated to our cause and seek to work with like minded business owners interested in playing a part in safeguarding our industry’s future. This means investing in your coffee offering to showcase its amazing quality and value and using your buying power to support regenerative partnerships built to last.

Speciality Coffee

All of our coffees are specialty grade which means they have met stringent criteria on cleanliness (to be free from defects) and cup profile (scoring above 80/100), displaying inherent character thanks to the terroir that has nurtured their growth.

Quality and consistency of our offering is a given, our work revolves around sourcing and roasting the best coffee we can in a manner that is repeatable ensuring the only variables you need to take care of are brewing related (and we can help with those too). We use the most advanced roasting intelligence software (Cropster) and carry out quality control tests for every batch of coffee we produce. Our producing partners are stringent in their own approach to harvesting and processing coffee and are focused on detail and quality throughout the supply chain, alleviating the risk of inconsistency. We also have a destoner in place to ensure nothing other than coffee gets into your grinder!

Due to our focus on quality and impact, our offer list is made up of seasonal purchases from relationships that have been built to maximise the value we can add to the supply chain. We can work with you to build a menu suited to your customer base and location, that perfectly communicates a quality-focused ethical approach to coffee procurement. Our offer list will always comprise of our house and seasonal blends along with a showcase of new crop single origins and an organically processed Decaf option – we are also able to develop bespoke blends either branded or for white label in partnership with you to meet the specific requirements of your site.

Coffee Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is essential to bringing the best out of the beans you buy.

It is an investment that will hugely impact the quality of the coffee you can offer customers. It is therefore a decision that is not to be taken lightly – but with such a wide choice of machines available (new and second hand) it can be an overwhelming task!

We regularly test out new equipment and are kept up to date with the latest technology available. We are therefore perfectly positioned to help you find the best equipment and only ever recommend a machine based on its reliability, longevity and quality/consistency of the brewed espresso it produces. Most of the machines we offer can be viewed and demonstrated in our Roastery along with accessories to adjust your workflow and make your coffee service as efficient as possible.

If you have any questions about any of the equipment we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be able to listen to your needs, taking into account your setup, and advise which option will suit you best. All of our machines and equipment are available to purchase outright or to lease on a monthly basis and we can arrange installation and service packages.

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Professional Training

As a specialty roaster, our world revolves around quality.

Throughout the supply chain we are constantly trying to improve the coffee we supply; from selecting the right origin partners to profiling the coffee on our roaster to rigorous quality control checks for every batch of coffee we roast. Ultimately however, the success of the brew is dependent on the skill of the barista – all the hard work at origin and in the roastery can be ruined in a matter of seconds if it is brewed incorrectly through your machine.

We are committed to our wholesale partnerships and aim to create long term relationships with our customers. We cannot stress the value of investing in your staff enough as, along with your choice of equipment, this will ultimately ensure the success of your coffee offering.

We offer a variety of courses in Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills and Green Coffee through either the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) or our own North Star Coffee programme. We can also put together bespoke training specifically for your requirements if needed.

We offer coffee and barista training for individuals as well as large teams. From beginner training to advanced barista courses, our training is designed to help anyone wanting to learn and develop their coffee skills.

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Mindfully Sourced Tea

Storm Tea was established in 2010 in Newcastle. The company has always been focused on principles of environmental and social responsibility, outstanding quality and the very many health benefits of tea. Storm offer speciality teas across several ranges: Organic pyramid teas and tisanes, the Handcrafted loose leaf speciality tea collection, the Flavour House range of scented teas with fruit pieces and tisanes along with beautiful tea pots and tea-ware. All teas are available in both retail and trade packs and come in beautifully branded tins, boxes or pouches.

Hot Chocolate

Islands is an award-winning British chocolate company that grows and sources single-origin cocoa from their farms in the Caribbean. They look after the entire process right up to the finished chocolate. They do this to ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain in line with their seed-to-bar ethos. They treat the making of chocolate just like wine, carefully refining their production techniques from start to finish to bring out the fruity flavour notes naturally found in their cacao.

Green Goose, Jersey

We contacted North Star when we were looking at opening our own coffee shop in Jersey and from day one, the team were so helpful. As complete novices, North Star were on hand to answer any questions and talk us through everything, from how to set up the counter to get the best work flow, what machine to use, through to sending us videos and tips on milk frothing! 

They come over to see us on a regular basis and it is reassuring to know that we have that guidance, support and we really feel like part of the North Star family. Our customers love the story of North Star and appreciate the consistent, great tasting coffee.

Little Perth

Having worked alongside North Star with our previous coffee shop in South Wales, it was a no-brainer to team up again when we launched Little Perth in 2021. We are consistently blown away by the quality of the coffees North Star source - keeping us supplied with tasty, interesting coffees that we know have been sourced through close working-relationships with the growers and a genuine focus on sustainability. More than this though, we’ve found North Star to be a roaster who genuinely put people first. From day one they have made us feel like part of their family - checking in on us, asking after the kids, visiting often for training and socials, and going above and beyond for us at any opportunity.

Have our stars aligned?

If this sounds good to you, drop us a line using this enquiry form to be taken straight through to our Head of Sales, Matt, who will get you started with a friendly chat to find out a bit more about you.

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