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La Marzocco Strada AV

The La Marzocco Strada was designed with user-intuitive function in mind, and the AV model’s features only further this vision by creating a higher output, higher consistency focus in the Strada’s operation. As stated on our page about the Strada EP, there is a Strada that meets every kind of barista’s needs and preference with regards to workflow and desired level of control.

The AV model is that which adds a failsafe and consistency to the same quality of espresso you can expect to brew from the EP. It simply uses buttons instead of the paddle operation, and allows you to program repeatable recipes for each need that you may have. As with the EP, it includes pre-infusion for brewing, which minimises the impact of any human error on your cup quality, and increases evenness of flavour extraction. With this feature being fully controllable too, you can achieve the highest levels of coffee flavour extraction using digital assistance, without excessive waste of coffee.

That’s a big win, and even bigger when you know the espresso brewing (not just the barista’s preparation of it) has damage limitation built into it too by putting a limit on the volume of water that goes past the coffee in your brewing basket. What does it mean to you? It means your espressos are never accidentally a little too full in the cup, nor will they accidentally be misjudged and stopped where their volume may be a little low in the cup. All of that simply means a higher likelihood of success at any level of output, whatever that success is characterised by for your coffee recipes.

Specifications and Features

As for the EP and ABR models, we see multiple coffee boilers, plus a large steam boiler. The number of groups in a Strada corresponds to the number of independent coffee boilers inside it. However, you still get a large steam boiler included separately to all of those, so the performance of your espresso brewing and steam release are not interdependent at all.

PIDs on every single boiler and steam wand – if you know La Marzocco and you know a little about coffee brewing, you’ll know that this is the game-changer. Ultimate consistency across the main variables that we cannot control in a machine by barista action. This means you’ll avoid any excessively low or excessively high temperatures for example, or any random drops to brewing or steam pressure during service. Beautiful consistency, easy quality control.

Programmable temperatures on all coffee boilers. What does this mean to you? You can choose to achieve different brewing profiles on each group by temperature (and pre-infusion settings), or can opt to achieve the ultimate consistency across them all. Since no group will be impacted by any other while brewing, your water flow, pressure and temperatures can be much more accurately programmed to your needs.

Programmable pre-infusion on each group. As above for temperature, your groups can all be independently programmed to use different pre-infusion recipes, meaning that you can extract multiple different coffees or the same coffee to different levels on each group (if desired). See below for an often missed benefit of this feature too.

Ergonomic workspace – this may seem like an odd or relatively unimportant benefit of a Strada, but it will be surprisingly useful for you in service. The drip tray of these machines is raised, large and slightly more protruding towards the barista. It simply means more workspace, more visibility, and less chance of spillage for both milk and coffee. Hard to visualise but a real bonus when you’re juggling tasks in service.

Hot water control – for rinsing and tea brewing, your tap is programmable by dispense time and temperature, for control and precise dosing of water whether for coffee or te

Precision portafilters – they weigh the same upon arrival, so you won’t need to tare your scales when you move from using one group of the machine to the next. This will save you a serious amount of time, error and waste in the long run.

Eco mode

Exposed group heads – these are built to extend out of the front of the machine, meaning greater visibility during brewing. This is also easier for cleaning

Optional features

External pump – if you want to manually adjust your water pressure, perhaps choose an external pump as an optional extra for your machine. In our opinion, the pre-infusion feature of the Strada does not necessitate it, but it is of course up to the user to decide their own brewing style.

Glass panels – no performance benefit whatsoever, but it looks pretty interesting on the inside of one of these machines. These panels will be the thing that allows your customers and yourselves to see just what makes the machine the finely tuned brewing machine that it is.

Is a La Marzocco Strada AV Right for Me?

f you’re wondering whether the La Marzocco Strada AV is right for you, or if a different model would be better for your specific circumstances, we can lend a helping hand. We’ll listen to what you want out of an espresso machine and discuss all the different options to ensure you end up with a machine perfect for your needs.

We can also guide you through all the various options, from renting espresso machines, to buying them outright, or finding second hand ones. We can also ensure you have all the necessary accompanying equipment, such as commercial grinders.

Buying an espresso machine is a big decision so let us help you understand everything you need to consider. We can guide you through the whole journey so you end up with a machine that works for you.

Click below to see the La Marzocco Strada AV brochure. This includes all the specifications and features for this espresso machine model.

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