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Zoom El Salvador Subscription, Chelazos
Zoom El Salvador Subscription, Chelazos
Zoom El Salvador Subscription, Chelazos

El Salvador Subscription, Chelazos


This staple coffee is the collective effort of 4 micro entrepreneurs in the town of La Palmanorthern in the region of Chalatenango – an area well known for Naif art which covers roadside buildings in bright, colourful murals.

Expect : Plum, Caramel, Tangerine
Enjoy with : With or Without Milk
Process : Washed

Location: Chalatenango, Northern El Salvador
Altitude: 1,400-1,600 metres above sea level
Preparation: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas
Owners: Alberto Ochoa, María Zoila Piñeda, Orlando Aguilar, Jose Alfonso Rodriguez

Suited for : Chemex, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Stove Top
Enjoy : With or Without Milk

Pour Over
Grind Setting: Medium
Brew Time: 1 minute 30 seconds - 2 minutes
Coffee:Water 16g - 250ml

Grind Setting: Fine
Brew Time: 28-31 seconds
Dose:Brewed Weight 16-18g dose : 33-37g yield

French Press
Grind Setting: Coarse
Brew Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds - 4 minutes
Coffee:Water 20g : 250ml

Stove Top
Grind Setting: Fine (slightly coarser than for espresso, finer than an Aeropress)
Brew Time: Dependent on size and heating source
Coffee:Water 22g : 250ml (though dependent on size of Stove Top)

Grind Setting: Very Coarse
Brew Time: 5 minutes (for a litre of coffee)
Coffee:Water 70g : 1L

Brew Guides

Grind Size

Watch our video and discover how we helped Maria access more profit for her coffee.

This Coffee's Story

Traditionally we have always worked with coffees from the Santa Ana region in the West of El Salvador, however following a trip there in February 2017, we stumbled across an amazing group of producers in the northern region of Chalatenango which borders Honduras.

This coffee is one of the most versatile beans we have with beautiful rounded acidity that is plum like in character. There are hints of tangerine and caramel with notes of creamy milk chocolate adding balance and structure.

El Salvador is a land of volcanoes, many of them still active, which means there is an abundance of fertile soil and high altitude – perfect conditions for growing high quality coffee. For the last few years we have been working with an incredible group of smallholder farmers who are committed to the principles of specialty coffee production in the lesser known northern region of Chalatenango. We first came across this coffee during a trip to El Salvador in 2017 and have been working alongside Alfonso, Maria, Jose and Orlando ever since. Their coffee gets better each year and we are committed to purchasing their full production of specialty grade coffee due to their admirable dedication to their crop and land. This coffee is high grown in comparison to much of El Salvador and as such experiences a later harvest. Another unique factor is that the coffee is washed on site as opposed to being taken to a centralised wet mill. This means the producers themselves can maintain control over the flavour profile and quality of their coffee and they are invited to cup each lot at the lab in La Palma to receive feedback from the expert cuppers there. The farms that have contributed towards this lot are beautiful and are run with care and consideration for the environment and farm workers.

These producers are going against the grain in their local community and are totally committed to raising the quality of their crop. We feel their coffee holds great potential for the future and are delighted to be partnering with these pioneering producers, investing in what they are doing by contributing funds towards the construction of quality improvement initiatives.

This year’s crop is deliciously sweet with notes of plum, tangerine and caramel – there are undertones of creamy milk chocolate too which make this coffee suited to a wide range of brew methods ranging from espresso through to filter. Love this coffee? Then this subscription might be for you – simply choose your pack size and how frequently you would like to receive your coffee and we will do the rest!

Shipping Info

Delivery Times

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to confirm it is being processed and then another one to let you know when it has been dispatched. We are currently operating with 3 working day lead time to process your order once you have placed it. 

Royal Mail 2nd class tracked postage is included for orders over £25. Orders under £25 will add £4.10 for 2nd class tracked postage. Alternatively, you have the option to include 1st class tracked postage for £5.

Local Pick Ups

Local pickups take place from the Roastery on Tong Road. Please note our shutter doors will be down for security and temperature reasons but we are always in Monday-Friday between 9 and 5pm – just ring the doorbell on arrival

Packaging Info

Letterbox Friendly

If you order 1-2 x 250g bags of coffee, they will be sent in a letterbox friendly package so that you do not need to be in to take receipt of your coffee.

100% Home Compostable

Our 250g bags are 100% home compostable including the valve, seal and sticker! They will degrade in 6 months in a well managed home compost.

1kg Recyclable LDPE 4

Our 1kg bags are currently in LDPE plastic - some councils will recycle this for you, if you are unsure simply take it to your local supermarket with your other plastic packaging.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jane Duggleby
El Sal coffee

Pleasant but not notable flavour.

Richard Hanney

Top stuff!

Kieran Breedon
Lovely coffee

A truly delicious coffee and the subscription service is perfect to make sure we never run out!

Camila Andrucioli
The best coffee in UK

You will love it if you love coffee. You feel good as it is organic and it is environment friendly. I highly recommend it as I have been buying it for over 2 years, Also I recommend trying other beans such as from Brazil and Colombia.

Jon Turnbull
My favourite

Best coffee I’ve ever tasted, I’m an addict!!

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