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Refill Stores

We’re delighted to see zero-waste and refill shops on the rise, and what’s even better is that we have a few to choose from in Leeds.

How do they Work?

Refill shops, otherwise known as zero waste shops sell non-packaged food and require shoppers to bring their own containers. They then fill up empty containers in store with their product of choice and pay for what they’ve taken.

Generally speaking, you can also expect the brands stocked in refill shops are making big strides to be more ethical, as well as being waste and plastic free.

What is their Effect on the Environment?

Through using refill shops, not only can we collectively cut down on single use packaging, but it also encourages us to only buy what we need, ultimately cutting down on waste.

Shockingly, less than 10% of every day plastic is actually recycled in the UK. Although this is due to consumers not recycling enough, it is also largely because there is far too much throwaway plastic in production. According to Greenpeace, only 12 million tonnes of waste we produce in the UK are recycled, with 14 million tonnes being sent to landfill sites. In addition, it is also incredibly difficult to know exactly where things we throw in the recycling bin actually go.

If we reuse containers repeatedly, we can not only reduce the demand for new containers, but also the energy used to make them in their hundreds and thousands. Through giving containers a permanent life in our homes, it prevents them ending up in landfill and our oceans.

What Refill Stores do we Stock in Leeds?

You can currently refill your North Star coffee at Zerø Muda, which is Horsforth’s first refill store. They also offer a wide range of organic dried foods, oils, vinegars and wines, as well as household and beauty products.

Zerø Muda has a social mission where any profits they make will be channelled back into projects in the local community. They are looking to support local charities; social and environmental organisations; schools and community events.

Wherever possible, they use suppliers who are both local and circular in supply; that means packaging goes back and is reused. In partnership with Kirkstall Valley Farm they supply local veg boxes and they also offer a range of locally crafted products supplied by small businesses.

Within Zerø Muda’s first year of opening, they saved the equivalent of 2962 250g coffee packets going into landfill so make sure you keep refilling those containers. Alternatively, you can take down our 100% home compostable packaging which is also reusable.

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