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Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Commercial Coffee Grinder

The most customisable grinder ever released is here. The Mythos 2 from Victoria Arduino has again innovated in the field of espresso, as did its predecessor years ago now. The technology is simple to use and beneficial for a number of serious environments, including many niche scenarios for service style or grinder usage.

As it stands, our main notable points are as below, to keep it simple for those of you fascinated by the technology without wanting to be confused into submission. There is of course more to say, but take the majority as Mythos 1 features that this beast features as a given, and the ones below as those that the Mythos 2 has improved or added to!

Victoria Arduino Mythos 2

– Density-based grinding by weight, by time or manually. This is top level accuracy in ‘grind by weight’ technology, and it deserves recognition. You can still use time-based dosing if you prefer it, or dose completely manually if desired. So, you do have fail-safes against technology that covers new ground at high outputs. A lot of uncertainty has been expressed about ‘grind by weight’ being more trouble than it’s worth, but we feel that with the Mythos 2 the engineering and technological edge has truly been a success. Thunk of it certainly as an efficiency benefit overall, rather than a time-consuming drawback!


– Clima Pro 2.0 – the Mythos One brought us the first version of coffee grinding climate control, by heating your grind chamber to 35 degrees Celsius and allowing you an overall consistency of coffee temperature to work with. It reduces – for sites that need it – a huge level of ground coffee wastage. This has been taken a step further with Clima Pro 2.0 in that you are able to choose this temperature to suit your needs. We know that cooler temperatures are generally preferred to hotter ones for uniformity of grinding, delicate flavour retention, consistency and speed of workflow, (and of course coffee freshness). So, we’d advise giving this technology a try. If nothing more, you’ll experience a substantial reduction in coffee wasted during service throughout each day, week, month and year. This of course keeps long-term running costs lower, and labour time wasted a serious deal lower too.

– Revolutionary weight correction with changes to grind settings. In grinding by weight (with the Mythos Two’s Gravimetric tech) the grinder holds the ability to correct your dose weights according to movements in coarseness and fineness. Though we love it, do note that this mode can seriously reduce any user’s ability to truly understand the niche workings of coffee and how it grinds. We love technology aiding those who already know how things work, but be aware that much like built-in scales to an espresso machine, it needs to be something that doesn’t detract from learning the craft!

– Variable motor speed. A brilliant addition to make this grinder exceptionally versatile is its variable motor operation. The user can choose a motor speed that is between 600 and 1200rpm, something we’ve not seen possible in an ergonomic, easily adjustable way prior to the Mythos 2. Choosing a low speed produces little residual heat and means Clima Pro technology has an easier ride too. Choosing to grind with more power forces the Clima Pro 2.0 to work at its maximum (to mitigate the impact caused by powerful motors throwing out heat at speed). This ability is a big step for the world of espresso and means you could stick this grinder in a low output site, or one of an extremely high pace. For us, it’s a great thing to use for demonstrative purposes to show the effects that a motor speed has on coffee grinding by uniformity, residual heat and more.

– Quiet grinding. Just like its predecessor the Mythos One, this is a quiet grinder when in use. It does make a cafe a lot more pleasant to sit in when the grinder doesn’t interrupt conversation, so we’re glad they built noise reduction into the design this time again.

– 85mm burrs for fast dosing of under 5 seconds (for weights up to 18g at a fineness to produce dense single origin espresso brewing at times of up to 35 seconds). The burr work in the Mythos 2 has been as we anticipated – precise. Large burrs grind quickly and with engineering of this quality they grind very uniformly. Undoubtedly, these are excellent grinding burrs and they really make the grinder what it is, past the technological additions. Another great release from VA!

– Heavy weight build – quite simply, heavy grinders do not move or vibrate as much. In the Mythos 2, this means stability, resilience to barista error and the daily knocks of a grinder’s life, and of course low levels of error. Some people can barely pick it up, and that’s a good thing for performance when advanced motors and cutting edge weight-based technology are supposed to be operating at top quality levels, all in one place. It’s built like a tank, and chugs along like one too.

All in all, it’s an industry leader for a reason. The Mythos 2 will be available for demos upon enquiry, and please do get in touch for more information if you need it at this time. 🙂 Contact Matt for more info.

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