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10 Years of North Star

We’ve only gone and turned 10 years old! Can you believe it?! Because we definitely can’t. 

It really has been quite the ride and in celebration of North Star’s 10th year in business, we want to pay homage to the past and look forward to an exciting future. 

So first up, here are five whopping highlights from North Star’s journey to date:

  1. 2015 - North Star wins the prestigious Young British Foodie award, recognised as a company that was going to shape the future of the food and drink industry in the UK.

  2. 2017 - We open our first coffee shop at Leeds Dock.

  3. 2019 - We establish the first North Star funded impact project with our producing partner, Maria Zoila Piñeda in El Salvador.

  4. 2021 - We become the first coffee company in the UK to offer home compostable packaging.

  5. 2022 - The whole business becomes a certified B Corp.

Next up, we have five goals for the future and what we hope the next ten years may have in store:

  1. To be recognised as one of Yorkshire’s great employers.

  2. To have built a case study for how operating with a focus on quality and impact can truly build viable business models across the coffee supply chain.

  3. To have an amazing destination space from which we can roast, brew and train to invite customers from far and wide.

  4. To contribute to the positive development of the hospitality industry, building careers for people passionate about coffee.

  5. For North Star to be available in every city in the UK.

Meet the Birthday Blend, it’s a stunner! 

Crafted from our longest-standing producer partnerships, our 10th Birthday Blend showcases the unique stories of four exceptional coffees from our range. We invite you to journey with us beyond the cup. Meet the producers behind each brew and realise the impact your choices can have on creating a coffee industry that works for everyone.

Rwanda Producer: Cyato (20%)

Cyato washing station processes coffee collected by farmers of the Abadatezuka cooperative, situated around the infamous Nyungwe forest. It is well known not only because of its rich fertile soil, but also due to the large population of bees in the area which create a distinct flavour profile during pollination. Since 2021 our customers have helped sponsor 8 hectares of land, so that 20 young Rwandans can start producing coffee. They have planted 20,000 seedlings each and your support has helped to provide organic compost and agronomy training to get them started in coffee. The first crop will be with us in 2024!

Origin: El Salvador Producer: Chelazos (30%)

Since 2017, we have sourced Chelazos from a group of hero producers - Alfonso, Maria, Jose, and Orlando - in Chalatenango, El Salvador. Notably, Maria's farm initiated the first NS* funded project. In partnership with NS* customers, Caravela, and Maria, we established a 3-stage improvement plan for quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Ultimately fostering better income and community empowerment. With every sip of Chelazos, you are contributing to a partnership creating truly positive change, empowering those behind the beans of our beloved brew.

Origin: Kenya Producer: Mutai Kinyua (20%)

We've had the pleasure of visiting Mutai Kinyua. He is the owner of Deman farm, a haven in Meru County where lush mango trees, bananas, and macadamias flourish. Mutai's commitment to regenerative farming and fair wealth distribution is admirable. Through agroforestry, he transformed Deman Estate from chemical-laden to biodiverse. His devoted long-serving staff value his equitable practices. This coffee’s syrupy sweetness delivers jammy notes to our birthday blend.

Origin: Brazil Producer: Montanari (30%)

Marcelo Montanari, our Brazilian coffee producer, stands out for his strong dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation in coffee production. Working on a sizeable estate, Marcelo actively encourages biodiversity, ensures worker well-being, and upholds eco-friendly farming practices. His unwavering commitment to specialty-grade coffee is apparent through collaborative efforts, experimentation, and the sharing of expert insights. We have been working with Marcelo since 2014, his approach seamlessly integrates with our own and his coffee is a permanent feature on our offer list.

Join the celebration, savour the taste of true impact, and raise your cup to the future of coffee.

Birthday Coffee Range



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