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Mazzer Coffee Grinders

Mazzer have been making grinders since 1918, long before specialty coffee existed as an industry, and are now firmly set in coffee professionals’ minds as a household name for coffee bars and cafes worldwide. They send their grinders to over 90 countries worldwide, and their long-standing reputation is built on their machinery’s unquestionable build quality, and the resulting longevity they hold in coffee service. It is not uncommon to find a Mazzer Major or Mazzer Robur dosing out high quality specialty coffee at speed after 10+ years of service, and the same build quality is seen from their smallest grinder – the Mazzer Mini – right up to the behemoth belt-driven Mazzer Kold.

It’s safe to say you won’t have a short-lived grinder in buying a Mazzer. Their design changes and aesthetic overhauls are recent, largely to coincide with improvements to their digital grinders’ built-in software such Internet of Things capabilities and their new Grind Flow Control system. However, the range is as powerful as it has been since the grinders made a name for themselves worldwide, and the new models look to stand the test of time in service as well.

We recommend looking into the ‘Electronic Grinder-Doser’ espresso grinders from Mazzer due to their specification allowing a speedier flow of barista service, lower wastage (less spillage too) and obviously their smartly programmable dosing. We would always recommend this on-demand style of grinder over the more historic Mazzer grinders featuring paddle-operated grinder-dosers (aka dosing chambers).

Mazzer Robur S Electronic

As with the Major V below, the Robur is a long-standing partner to specialty coffee service. Renowned for its speedy dosing for fast-paced, high output shops, the Robur S builds on its predecessor by not just giving you speedy dosing, but by allowing greater consistency of dose amount from shot to shot.

Not only this, but the conical burrs in the Robur are now easier to clean, maintain and adjust thanks to the most recent design and aesthetic alterations to the grinder’s build. Better yet, you won’t lose your grind settings when you do the cleaning, now that you don’t need to grind coarser and coarser to remove the upper burr for cleaning. This is a huge win, removing a lot of maintenance time without sacrificing the quality of maintenance that can be completed. Not to mention the lower levels of coffee wastage this will provide for years on end as baristas recalibrate the grinder following a deep clean.

The new Robur S has reduced its grind retention by 52% which spells great accuracy and responsiveness for any baristas adjusting grind regularly during service. Arguably, previous Mazzer models had been sub-par on this feature, but the improvements to the Robur S have brought them back to a cost-friendly level, providing great user experience and lower wastage form grind adjustments and cleaning processes.

The Robur S has maintained its low motor speed, which is key for holding recipes consistently through any given day of service. Particularly alongside low retention, this makes the new design a breeze for tracking and chasing recipes all day long to maximise flavour. Don’t be confused by a low motor speed though, this grinder still doses coffee out at impressive rates, grinding the average 18g double espresso dose that we use in under 5 seconds at any texture we needed for espresso. The motor may only turn at 420rpm, but with huge 71mm conical burrs, dosing is no issue for a good workflow

Memory track system – the Robur allows you to clean your grinder without losing where you were on your grind adjustment dial. This was truly the opposite of ergonomic in the past for Mazzer grinders, and they’ve completely solved the issue with memory tracking.

Continuing on the ergonomic front, we thought it wise to explain the new grind flow control system, which they’re calling GFC. A long-running issue with the Robur and other models was aggressive coffee dosing from its chute, given its phenomenal speed. This is no more, as Mazzer allow you to choose from 3 wire dampers made of different materials, so to break down clumps formed, reduce static created and direct the flow of ground coffee directly into the centre of your portafilter. The 3 options are named hybrid, anti-dust and anti-clump and can be easily swapped out at will.

As usual for any electronic Mazzer specification, the grinder is programmable. Mazzer have always led the way in timers being built into grinders, and the new Robur follows suit. Programmabe to a hundredth of a second and with 3 dose programmes that you can save (in addition to manual grinding) the grinder doesn’t leave you short of options. Now you can even pause, and see alerts on exactly what’s going on inside the grinder, and whether it needs maintenance or cleaning. These things are completely programmable and visible via Mazzer’s internet of things compatible technology.

Mazzer Major V Electronic

The Mazzer Major has long been known in the specialty coffee industry as a total workhorse for medium to high output levels. Recently, it has been upgraded as per the expectation set by Mazzer a few years back. Their innovation to this already stellar flat burr grinder brings greater dosing consistency than ever before, along with a lower production of static and lower retention levels inside the grind chamber.

Design changes are responsible for much of the performance improvement, but the Major V Electronic (as it’s now known) comes complete with the same ergonomic grind texture control that most baristas have learned to navigate easily as the specialty coffee industry has grown. Grind control is still stepless and micrometric in nature, but with a new pitch and cut for the burrs inside the chamber too. The Internet of Things capabilities are brought in for ‘remote control’ of your grinder and its menu settings.

The Major still ships with its excellent quality 83mm diameter grinding burrs, which come as standard with the classic Mazzer hardened steel finish. Grinder motor speed is still relatively high at 1400rpm for the usual 50Hz frequency UK models. The fan built in functions both to ventilate the grind chamber and better cool the motor during and following operation of the grinder.

The Grind Flow Control System is also a feature in the Major V, allowing you to dose ergonomically and remove clumps, static and chance of spillage over the course of your coffee service.

Super Jolly

The Super Jolly is widely known and widely seen, particularly in slower-paced sites with a low level of coffee output or coffee as a secondary or only a minor product line. It’s as long-lived as any other grinder in the range, but much simpler in its build. It grinds much slower, with an approximate grinding time of 12-14 seconds for double shot espressos using the UK standard for speciality grade coffee at 17-18g approximately. We advocate the Electronic spec for its programmability and practicality for espresso service.

The Super Jolly is suited to low output use because it features slower grinding, no in-built fan for cooling its grind chamber and a slightly higher level of retention in its grind chamber. Rapid use of the grinder will result in a build-up of residual heat in the grinding burr chamber, and your coffee yet to be dispensed or ground would grow hot due to a shortfall in ventilation. As you might guess if you’ve seen our other content or training videos, this will alter how the coffee splits and ultimately how it extracts in your brewing device of choice. Unfortunate for high-speed of service with consistency of flavour, but a very minor issue if the grinder is not used in quick succession all day.

So, this is no severe problem if you’re choosing a Super Jolly for your decaf, single shot espresso or alternate espresso service (options typically ordered less frequently).
Less heat is created overall with less frequent grinding, and natural cooling will be allowed over long time periods that way, making the Super Jolly’s minimalist spec no real downside at all. But if you are looking to employ a Mazzer for your full-speed, high output house espresso service then we’d go for the Major, Robur or one of Mazzer’s other high-spec options.

Mazzer Mini

Here we are with the little legend that many home baristas have revered for years now. Since espresso became cool at home, we’ve had a solid partner to it with the Mazzer Mini. Despite it being mainly employed in our wholesale customers’ cafes for small service options like decaffeinated coffee or an alternate espresso service, its specification makes light work of what a home barista needs for their daily fix. The Mini offers a seriously good build quality for its low price tag, delivering a sturdy, consistent performance that claims to be nothing exemplary, but can be relied upon for years.

Though the Mini has small burrs, a little retention and lacks a fan for cooling, it rarely faces a scenario it cannot grind for. Whether you are looking to deploy the Mini for a lightly roasted single origin coffee from a company like ours, or whether you’re looking for a trusty espresso grinder to brew your old school dark roasts, the Mini will do the job finely (no grinding pun intended). With a good schedule of at-home maintenance, we find the Mini to be extraordinarily capable of producing you clean, sweet espresso profiles, particularly if your barista preparation of ground coffee is even and precise.

We advocate use of the Electronic A spec for the Mini, and we recommend Electronic models with all Mazzer lines due to the capability for setting dosing / grinding times to suit your preferred recipes. 17-18g doses grind slowly but consistently on the Mini which is great for accurate dosing within 1 gram of target.

One consideration to be aware of that cafes do not usually face an issue with is the operating noise of the Mazzer Mini. It’s loud but extremely capable, and we rate it for a home espresso partner where you’re looking for longevity and convenience for day-to-day home coffee service. Adjusting your grind and brewing your daily fix couldn’t be lower maintenance than with a trusty Mazzer Mini!

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