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Take a minute trip to Cyato Washing Station

Cyato Collection

The Cyato washing station employs a phenomenal team of coffee processing staff who utilise a range of techniques to extract the coffee beans from the delivered cherries. We are therefore able to showcase a range of processing methods and the impact these have on cup profile with a number of lots that are all the same varietal from the same region but that display different flavours thanks to the post-harvest technique applied. By purhcasing coffees from this range you are helping support our impact project in Rwanda, helping to build the next generation of coffee farmers.

So, polish your cupping spoon, dust off your apron, brew up a selection of Rwandan beauties to see if you're here for a honey, wild for a washed or need more naturals in your life!


By purchasing this coffee you are helping us build the next generation of coffee farmers in Rwanda.

Possibly the greatest challenge posing the coffee industry today is the incidence of aging coffee producers. The profession is simply not an attractive one resulting in the average age of a farmer or picker being between 55-57. Thanks to decades of power imbalance, economic instability and growing uncertainty thanks to climate change, youth are moving to cities or to other sectors leaving a question mark over the industry’s future.

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