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Our Impact Report

Our impact has always mattered to us here at North Star. This report is the first in what will be an annual publication moving forwards in which we will critically and...

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Refill Stores

We’re delighted to see zero-waste and refill shops on the rise, and what’s even better is that we have a few to choose from in Leeds. How do they Work?...

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The Story of Coffee & Climate Change

** This article is written by one of the UK’s top ecologists, John Altringham, from the University of Leeds. Environmental responsibility is something we are very passionate about here at North...

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Want to Become More Eco-Friendly?

As you probably know, life for us at North Star revolves around how we can work to minimise our environmental impact and maximise our positive social impact. Through this work,...

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The Pursuit of Truly Ethical Coffee

What is Ethical Coffee? North Star Coffee was founded from a desire to create a more rewarding supply chain for producers in some of the most environmentally, socially and politically...

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Avocado Woes

We entered into lengthy debates and discussions around the inclusion of the mighty Avocado on our breakfast menu at the North Star Coffee Shop & General Store. The popularity of...

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You might be wondering what has happened to nearly half of the coffees on our online shop! Don’t worry, this isn’t a site malfunction – but it does mean unfortunately...

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