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*UPDATE – 14th July 2021*


So next week, we enter Stage 4 where we see restrictions lifting further removing the legal requirement to social distance and to wear masks indoors.

We know for many this will feel momentous, signalling the return to life as we knew it before the pandemic.


However, for some of you this may feel pretty catastrophic and we don’t blame you – with cases rising and increasing incidents of self isolating it feels kind of crazy to be making this move now.


As a business it is certainly tough to justify following this latest guidance – if we had a case of COVID in the shop we would still likely have to close and do so without the business-saving furlough support we have previously had access to.


Many of our team have only had one vaccine so far and, with this in mind, we have taken the decision to maintain distancing of our tables and our team will continue to wear masks/visors whilst working in the space. We are confident in the setup we have here at the Docks and are committed to ensuring you all feel as comfortable as possible.


It goes without saying that your support this past 18 months has blown us away, we are so proud of our local hospitality industry for getting through this and we hope we can continue hosting as many of you as possible in an environment that is both safe and hospitable. Big love everyone, NS x


*UPDATE* – 2nd November 2020


After more announcements from the government this weekend, we are busy planning our next move with the coffee shop and are happy to say we will be remaining open as a takeaway outlet over the course of the planned lockdown which comes into effect on Thursday 5th November. This change in operation has undoubtedly needed a lot of thinking through to ensure we are still operating in the most responsible manner possible for the safety of our team members and customers. We want to outline the following precautions we have taken to ensure you feel  confident in visiting us over the next four weeks:


  • Our staff have been split into two bubbles and will be working on a week on/week off basis to ensure we maintain separation in the workplace. We will be utilising the furlough scheme for any hours we are unable to offer our team during this time.

  • We are still maintaining social distancing throughout the space with the use of masks and sanitiser.

  • Our team are still undergoing twice daily reviews with a Covid symptom checker.

  • The card only policy is still in operation.

We are also setting up a preorder system for the hot food we will have available so that you can minimise the time spent waiting at the premises – more details to follow here when we have them.


Menu wise, we will have some of our staple hot food options along with takeaway sandwiches and our usual outstanding baked menu available. We will also have the most delicious coffee featuring our very own Christmas Blend which is launching this week along with retail coffee fresh from the roastery for you to take home.


It goes without saying we are very concerned about the weeks and months to come but we really feel compelled to continue providing a bit of normality for our Leeds Dock residents. Your support has meant so much to us particularly this year and we hope to see many of your faces over the next few weeks keeping us going with your weekly flat whites/grilled cheese fix!


*UPDATE* – 10th August 2020


Our team have now had all of their test results back and we are happy to say they were all negative for Covid 19. Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support and well wishes, you honestly can’t know how much we appreciate them!


In keeping with our desire to be as responsible as possible, and maintaining our precautionary approach, team members who have had a test will be self isolating for 14 days (from 5th August) to ensure we have allowed time for any incubation period to take effect and to re-test as necessary.


The coffee shop will re-open for takeaway drinks and bakes from Friday 14th – Sunday 16th with service run by 3 team members who were not in contact with the other bubble. The shop will then remain closed until Thursday 20th when we will open for take out coffee and bakes Thursday & Friday while the kitchen prepare to offer a dine in menu on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd, bookings are open on the website should you wish to join us from then onward.


We cannot reiterate enough how much your support matters to us in these super testing times. We have made this decision because it has truly felt like the only choice we have had available to ensure our role played in this pandemic is the right one. We are choosing to shut down any possible spread from our space and to put the health of our team and customers first.


Needless to say, we will have lost 2 weeks of trading which, in all honesty, is a bit of a shi#$er! We really cannot wait to welcome you back – in the meantime, if you have enjoyed visiting us before and feel able to do so, a positive review on Trip Advisor/Google or Facebook would go a long way to increasing our visibility once we are hopefully through the other side of all this. Keep those messages of positivity and optimism coming folks, lord knows we need em! #northstarfamily #inthistogether


*ANNOUNCEMENT* – 6th August 2020


This evening, we have found out that unfortunately one of our team members has tested positive for coronavirus. The team member in question is now self isolating at home with very mild symptoms and is in good spirits. As we are sure you can understand, this is pretty devastating for us having overcome the last few months to reopen our doors and it is tough to know what the best thing to do is.


Since reopening, we have put in place the most stringent measures to operate in a Covid secure manner. We completed relevant risk assessments to ensure our team could maintain a safe social distance, all team members have been wearing visors, our covers reduced from 60 to 24, we have had daily symptom checkers in place along with sanitiser for customer and staff use. Current government advice tells us we are not obliged to close our doors as we have been a Covid Secure work place and we don’t believe Track and Trace will want to contact those who have visited the past 7 days.


However, we have tonight taken the decision to close with immediate effect to ensure the rest of our team can be tested so we can continue operating with complete confidence that we have acted in the most responsible manner possible, prioritising the safety of our team and customers. We are sorry to say that any bookings we had for tomorrow and Saturday will be cancelled (you will be contacted). We will be calling any visitors we have had in the last 7 days merely as a precaution and encourage anyone with symptoms to be tested – we have to reiterate at this point we are not obliged to do this and have no cause for concern, we are simply trying to go the extra mile to be as responsible as possible at this point.


If all goes well we hope to be back open from Monday and hope to experience the same support you have shown us since reopening. It need not be pointed out that this is a truly disastrous thing to happen at this stage following what has been a nightmarish few months but health must come first. Thanks for reading, we will post any updates as we receive them 🙏🏻





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