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Grind Setting: CoarseBrewing Time: Dependent on size: 2-3mins for 3-cup / 5-8mins for 6-8-cupBrewing Ratio: 6-8g coffee per 100g water (1ml water = 1g water)

Please be aware that the environment will always impact the conditions under which you brew. Temperature & humidity are two notable factors which may mean your grind setting or extraction time range needs to be altered.

Changes made to the grind setting have consistent results across all brew methods. A coarse grind allows water to pass through coffee without as much resistance as a fine one. It will also mean that the brew time of a courser grind will be longer to allow the flavor to be fully extracted.

A finer grind results in smaller coffee particles, exposing more surface area to the brewing water which can therefore ‘access’ and dissolve the available flavours more easily.

Additionally, always take into account the high level of influence that water chemistry has in your brewing. Experiment with using different bottled waters if your tap water seems to leave you struggling to tune your brews to your taste.

Chemex Step by Step

  1. 1- Weigh your coffee dose, then fold & place a filter paper in the Chemex, with a single fold opposite the spout and 3 folds against the spout, to avoid an unevenly shaped brewing chamber.
  2. 2- Heat more than enough brewing water, then use some to thoroughly rinse the filter paper until it has been highly saturated. Discard rinsing water from the brewer. Repeat the rinsing process if using unbleached filter papers.
  3. 3- Place Chemex on scales. Grind coffee dose for brewing and add the coffee evenly into the filter paper. Tare your scales & start timing.
  4. 4- Pour slowly & evenly over the coffee bed until the weight of the brew is twice that of your coffee dose.
  5. 5- When the coffee bed begins to pit or ceases to produce bubbles, add the remaining water evenly. Stir gently & evenly a little, then allow water to drip through until finished.

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