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Victoria Arduino Coffee Grinders

Victoria Arduino are now one of the most respected names in grinding, despite first being an espresso machine manufacturer beginning in 1905. They’re well known for the old iconic vertical boiler machines that are still made today (the Venus range) despite their range becoming vastly more technologically advanced.

The company was founded by Pier Teresio Arduino, and they still hold his values today. Not compromising on quality or performance, the original vision is maintained with particularly their Mythos One grinder, where they redefined the standard in grinding for modern espresso.

Victoria Arduino (VA) is now based in Belforte del Chienti, Italy, continuing the tradition of Pier’s pursuit of research and development to find more advanced espresso technologies. The company created their own exclusive UK importing company in 2017 with a London Bridge office, where we are able to take potential customers for demos and tours of the advanced technology that their company produces.

At North Star, we’re big fans of how their brand has helped businesses and roasteries like ourselves reduce inefficiencies in grinding and brewing with their T3, Clima Pro and Gravitech technologies. Espresso grinding and brewing were previously tasks that came with significant coffee wastage and – for businesses – high costs in both labour time and ingredient wastage. Now with technologies that VA pioneered for the modern market, we’ve seen not only their range improve and advance, but stimulus for the rest of the manufacturing world doing more to reduce inefficiency of coffee making.

So, it is largely due to Victoria Arduino that our low wastage approach to espresso service is possible at all, thanks to their collaborative approach in statistical measurements of grinding (for example in the Grinder Research Report, 2013 led by the Speciality Coffee Association).

Due to: grind adjustments being needed during the day of service; necessary grinder cleaning, or accidental / unforeseen changes to quality during brewing, coffee used to be wasted to high quantities through even efficient use. We’re glad to say now that VA grinding technology (and our ability to distribute their equipment with our own training style too) is saving a great deal of high quality coffee going into the bin as wastage.

To learn more about Victoria Ardunio’s coffee grinders, simply contact us today.

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