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Zoom The Docks House Blend Subscription
Zoom The Docks House Blend Subscription
Zoom The Docks House Blend Subscription
Zoom The Docks House Blend Subscription

The Docks House Blend Subscription



Introducing the coffee that started it all. Our faithful house blend may have undergone a name change and minor facelift in the last eight years but the components and delicious taste profile have essentially remained the same.

Expect : Milk Chocolate, Toasted Nuts, Tangerine
Enjoy with : With or Without Milk


    Bean Info

    Brazil Montanari

    Location: Patrocinio, The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
    Altitude: 950 - 1,150 masl
    Preparation: Pulped Natural
    Varietal: Red Catuaí
    Owners: Marcelo Montanari

    Flavours: Chocolate | Hazelnut | Tangerine

    El Salvador Chelazos

    Location: Chalatenango, Northern El Salvador
    Altitude: 1,400-1,600 masl
    Preparation: Washed
    Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas
    Owners: Alberto Ochoa, María Zoila Piñeda, Orlando Aguilar, Jose Alfonso Rodriguez

    Flavours: Plum | Caramel | Tangerine

    Mexico Mazateca
    Location: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Southern Mexico
    Altitude: 1200-2000 masl
    Preparation: Washed
    Varietal: Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon
    Owners: Various micro entrepreneurs

    Flavours: Dark Chocolate | Spice | Orange Peel

    Brewing Suggestion

    Suited for : Espresso, French Press, Stove Top
    Enjoy : With or Without Milk

    Grind Setting: Very fine
    Brew Time: 23-28 seconds (assuming dose below)
    Dose:Brewed Weight 16-18g : 35-38g

    French Press
    Grind Setting: Coarse
    Brew Time: Around 4 minutes
    Coffee:Water 17-18g : 250ml

    Stove Top
    Grind Setting: Fine (coarser than espresso, but finer than Aeropress)
    Brew Time: Dependent on size & heat source
    Coffee:Water 22g : 250ml (but dependent upon size of coffee-maker)

    Grind Size

    The Docks House Blend

    This blend supports many of our all-time hero producing partners here at North Star, featuring coffees from young innovator and trail blazer Marcelo Brito (owner of Fazenda 7 Cachoeiras in Brazil) and Maria Zoila Pineda, the focus of our very first Infrastructure Project at origin (and member of the legendary Chelazos cooperative in La Palma, El Salvador).

    Subscription FAQ

    I have signed up to a subscription with you, when will it be sent out?

    Your order is now on our system and is usually dispatched between 1-3 working days of us having received it depending on how busy we are. We work very hard to get your order out to you as soon as we possibly can. Your order includes Royal Mail tracked 2nd class postage.

    Are your packages letterbox friendly?

    Yes for 1-2 x 250g bags – if you order a 250g subscription and have a standard size letterbox, your coffee will be posted through your door. If you have a 1kg subscription or do not have a standard size letterbox, you can include a note for where you would like it leaving and we can include this in our shipping instructions.

    I need to change my address details.

    Sure thing! Just log in to your account and edit your product shipping info. Login or sign up here

    How do I manage my subscription?

    You can change, manage and cancel your subscription easily by logging in to your account and clicking manage subscription. Login or sign up here

    This Coffee's Story

    Introducing the coffee that started it all. Back in 2013 Leeds was somewhat of a stronghold for darker roasted commercial coffee and we were faced with the rather massive task of introducing many traditional espresso drinkers to the world of specialty coffee… and so ‘The Docks’ was born! A blend which we felt successfully bridged the gap between old and new, embracing many of the characteristics of the traditional whilst embodying key principles of contemporary specialty production. Highlighting the work of amazing producers from across the tropics by profiling and roasting their beans to a medium level before blending them to create a characterful cup.

    11 years later and our house blend had remained virtually unchanged from a component percentage perspective, with long standing partnerships emerging in coffees from Montanari Estate in Minas Gerais, Brazil and the Los Chelazos producer group in La Palma, El Salvador. However, 2024 sees us make a big step towards future proofing the blend by replacing the third, smaller Sumatran component with a more stable coffee in both price and quality, adding more value into an existing supply chain. And so our relationship with producers of the Sierra Mazateca was born!

    Mazatecan coffees are typically known for their herbal, sometimes pleasantly savoury character but this regional lot is so much more than that with juicy, fruit-forward orange and nectarine notes. It’s complexity matches that of the Sumatran wet hulled components of the past with the addition of an improved balance and syrupy body that when teamed with components from our long standing partnerships in Brazil and El Salvador, creates a beautiful house blend full of clarity and flavour. The differences in the blend are subtle. You can expect the same sweetness and body, just a little less acidity and none of that typical Sumatran wildness peeking through. Instead, expect heaps of toasted nuts, a rounded stone fruit acidity and milk chocolate sweetness. And for all you milk lovers, there are rich caramel and vanilla notes that are simply delightful if you prefer a flat white or latte.


    40% Brazil Montanari

    We have worked with Marcelo Montanari since 2014, prizing his coffee for its incredible balance and distinctly chocolate and nutty flavour profile! Sited on the plains of Minas Gerais, this farm is pioneering a carbon neutral approach to coffee growing. Marcelo is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and innovation in coffee production. Working on a sizeable estate, Marcelo actively encourages biodiversity, ensures worker well-being, and upholds eco-friendly farming practices. We have been working with Marcelo since 2014, his approach seamlessly integrates with our own and his coffee is a permanent feature on our offer list.

    40% El Salvador Chelazos

    We are so proud of this coffee having sourced it during a trip to El Salvador in February 2017 from B Corp partners Caravela Coffee. Determined to work with small scale producers where possible, we chose the region of Chalatenango to source our coffee from and came across a group of incredibly determined and focused farmers defying the challenges of the area and remaining committed to the principles of quality coffee production. The result is juicy, clean, balanced and bursting with plum and marzipan.

    20% Sierra Mazateca Regional Blend

    This Mazateca producer group are part of an important indigenous community in the region of Oaxaca. A group that is famed for producing some of the most complex coffees in Mexico, all whilst navigating the many complexities that come with producing coffee in the Southern states. Farms are isolated and widespread, crops are at high risk to climate-related volatility and access to finance and agricultural inputs is extremely limited. Because of this, production yields are some of the lowest in Mexico. By purchasing this coffee, we are making a long term commitment to this amazing group of producers, making up the end of a stable and profitable supply chain and providing a home for their beautiful coffee.

    Shipping Info

    Delivery Times

    Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to confirm it is being processed and then another one to let you know when it has been dispatched. We are currently operating with a 3 working day lead time to process your order once you have placed it. Your order includes Royal Mail tracked 2nd class postage.

    Local Pick Ups

    Local pickups take place from the Roastery on Tong Road. Please note our shutter doors will be down for security and temperature reasons but we are always in Monday-Friday between 9 and 5pm – just ring the doorbell on arrival

    Packaging Info

    Letterbox Friendly

    If you order 1-2 x 250g bags of coffee, they will be sent in a letterbox friendly package so that you do not need to be in to take receipt of your coffee.

    100% Home Compostable

    Our 250g bags are 100% home compostable including the valve, seal and sticker! They will degrade in 6 months in a well managed home compost.

    1kg Recyclable LDPE 4

    Our 1kg bags are currently in LDPE plastic - some councils will recycle this for you, if you are unsure simply take it to your local supermarket with your other plastic packaging.

    Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Joanna Carter

    The Docks House Blend Subscription

    Brodie McAdam

    Great smooth coffee

    james hateley
    Great coffee! Great service!

    Coffee is always excellent. Fresh consistent. Price is very good for the quality! My go-to coffee supplier!

    Kerry Parry
    Delicious blend perfect for anytime of day

    Great subscription plan, delicious fresh beans arrive regularly and it feels good to support independent roasters.

    Christopher Taylor
    Lovely coffee

    So pleased I signed up for Docks, really love this house blend.


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