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Last week we hosted our first non-coffee event! We were really lucky to host one of Sofar Sounds secret gigs. Sofar Sounds aim to create wonderfully intimate gigs in living rooms worldwide, however on this occasion they were looking for somewhere that could hold a few more people but would still feel homely! In charge of running the Leeds branch of Sofar sounds is a good friend of mine from school, Joe Lawrenson. Joe also forms part of the awesome Leeds based band Dancing Years.

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The night featured music from Leeds based musicians: Jack Haining, Hunting Bears and Bianca Gerald. All of these acts brought something different to the table, but they were all amazing in their own way. I would personally like to say a massive thank you to Joe and all the team at Sofar Sounds for asking us to host such a brilliant event. We are very excited to see where Sofar Sounds will be going next and I would highly recommend that you attend future events if you haven’t experienced one already!

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