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Wilfa Svart Classic + Coffee Maker – Home Batch Brewer


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If you’re aware of the success of Wilfa’s coffee grinder from the Svart range, you’ll no doubt be aware that this piece of kit will be a truly great home brewing tool. Much like the grinder, which we also retail on our shop here, the brewing machine is user-intuitive, sleek and fully approved by both the European Brewing Centre and the Speciality Coffee Association’s Gold Cup Standards for brewing coffee.


Features that accompany the impressive standard settings for the brewing cycle are its manual drip-stop feature, which allows you to actually control the flow rate of your brew. This may not sound too useful, but if you’ve ever accidentally under-brewed something and wondered how you could have stopped it before wasting the coffee, this is exactly how you would do so.


In line with the quality standards outlined above, the brewing device of course achieves consistent water temperatures within the range of 92-96°C for avoiding significant likelihood of over or under-brewing. To ensure you are aware of its capacity, it holds one litre of water and therefore is suitable for making up to 5 cups at a time (assuming 200ml cups are used of course). A nifty feature is its cleaning indicator, which prevents user damage due to accidental neglect. With a lot of batch brewers, the need for cleaning goes relatively unnoticed until faults occur internally, so it is helpful to have such guidance built-in. For your lazy mornings of coffee service at home, the brewer does also go into an idle power-saving mode, which allows you to quickly get it moving again, should you need it. However, we do recommend simply switching off after brewing, as with most gear.

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