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Storm Handcrafted – Organic Makaibari Second Flush


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This Darjeeling tea displays incredibly complex floral notes enhanced with good body – there are hints of sweet grape too, this tea really is best enjoyed black.


Location: Darjeeling, Himalayas, India

Brew Proportions: 3g or 1 teaspoon of tea to 250 mls of water

Brew Temperature: 100 degrees C

Infusion Time: 3 to 4 mins


The region of Darjeeling has long been associated with the production of outstanding quality tea – in fact, teas from this region are often referred to as the ‘champagne’ of teas, displaying a sweetness often associated with wine alongside zingy citrus notes and occasionally hints of peach or moss. Darjeeling is situated amongst the foothills of the Himalayas and it has perfect conditions for the production of tea with good cloud cover, high altitude and well drained soils.


Technically speaking, Darjeeling teas are black but are usually dried for a shorter period of time to halt the oxidation process. They can sometimes be closer to green in colour and can therefore resemble an oolong – this mix of careful and intricate processing, Himalayan terroir and the Chinese varietal (Camelia Sinensis) results in a black tea that is not as astringent as most alongside plenty of complexity of flavour.


Darjeeling has two harvests, the first and then the second flush. This tea has come from the second flush which tends to produce teas with deeper flavour and fruity character. It was grown on the organically certified Makaibari Garden which is one of the oldest estates in the area having been established in 1859. More than 70 per cent of the land has been given over to areas of natural forest, whilst the remaining plots are in tea production supplying employment to around 1,500 people from the local community.


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