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Storm Handcrafted – Gunpowder Tea with Peppermint


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This brew is really refreshing with typical bold green tea flavours mixed with the lively notes of peppermint.


Location: Pingshui, Zheijian, China

Brew Proportions: 3g of tea or 1 teaspoon to 250 mls of water

Brew Temperature: 80 degrees C

Infusion time:  3 minutes


This tea takes its name from the way the green tea leaves are rolled – the term ‘Gunpowder Tea’ references the small round pellets that are formed in the process. Production of this type of tea can be traced back to to the Tang Dynasty from 618 AD to 907 AD – these green tea leaves have been withered, then steamed, then rolled into pellets before being dried. The leaves are rolled as it is thought this process protects them from damage and helps to retain more flavour. The best Gunpowder teas should be hand rolled, though many are done so using machines.


Shiny, tightly rolled pellets are a sign of good quality Gunpowder tea, indicating that the tea is relatively fresh.

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Local pickups take place from the Roastery on Tong Road, please note we are still operating social distancing so ring the doorbell when you arrive and we can pass your order through the door. Please note our shutter doors will be down for security and temperature reasons but we are always in Monday-Friday between 9 and 5pm. We are offering free shipping for orders above £20 🙂

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