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Spotlight | Ethiopia Ambela


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Fifty per cent of this packaging is made from the pulp of recycled cup fibre. In the UK alone, 5000 disposable cups are thrown away each minute with not even a quarter of a per cent making it to appropriate recycling facilities. By utilising some of the diverted waste in this packaging, we intend to further educate our consumers about this huge issue of waste in our industry in an effort to force change.


Our sourcing policy dictates a commitment to specialty grade coffee and our portfolio has always been made up exclusively of coffees that have achieved this quality grade, but every now and then we come across a coffee that is truly outstanding.


We curated this range to highlight the very best of specialty coffee. These lots have come from some of the most innovative producers and exporters in the world. We have carefully profiled and roasted these coffees to accurately display the influence of provenance and process on flavour. Our aim is to showcase the incredibly attentive work of the picker, wet mill and exporter in the creation of a product that can no longer be classed as just a daily wake up call.


We are therefore delighted to introduce the first coffee to the range which showcases an exceptional washed coffee from the new crop in Ethiopia. This coffee comes to us from the Ambela washing station located in the Guji zone which borders Sidama in the south. We chose this lot as we feel there are very few coffees that can better show off the potential flavour profile that can be coaxed out of this incredible raw product. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and is the perfect producing country to work with as the provenance of the crop really comes through into the cup. There are altitudes of over 1900 metres above sea level alongside heirloom varietals and shade trees. The development of the cherry is therefore nice and slow with cooler temperatures on an evening allowing for the creation of some incredibly complex organic acids – these contribute to the outstanding cup profile with juicy notes of blackcurrant, apricot and of course the orange blossom and jasmine florals.


We have profiled this coffee specifically for use with manual brew methods such as the Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave or Aeropress. We would also recommend it to be enjoyed black and of course without sugar to really highlight the depth of flavour. We have precisely 1000 250g bags available of this lot and once it has gone it has gone. We look forward to introducing more coffees to the range throughout the year, all of which shall show off the best of the crop scoring over 88 using the SCAA cupping protocol.

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  1. Jono

    Finally felt like I got this brew down this morning. Chemex. Dropped the dry, coarsened it up a touch, and very slow steady pour. Very delicate cup with amazing floral and stone fruit qualities. Exceptional coffee – looking forward to more in the range!

  2. Andy

    Stunning coffee. I was hoping for something special and my first brew didn’t disappoint. I’ve now tasted it a second and third time and it just gets better. OK, it’s a bit pricey but there are so many layers of aroma and flavour that this is an extravagance that’s really worth the investment of money and brewing effort to get it right.

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