Peru Nehemias Flores


This is the second lot we have bought from this awesome coffee producer who has just one small hectare of land in the village of El Diamante – his brothers also have coffee farms and together, the family pool their resources to manage their farms and wet mill collectively. This village is located in the province of San Ignacio which is also home to the well known regions of Chirinos and La Coipa – unlike those areas though, El Diamante remains very isolated and under developed and is really difficult to reach. In order to get to the coffee growing region in San Jose de Lourdes you actually have to cross a river in a small boat which really complicates the logistics of getting the coffee out in order to export it. This presents a real obstacle for producers because the transport costs are greatly increased – this often leaves smallholder farmers marginaliseed and forced to sell to local buyers who more often than not pay below the market price. This has reduced the demand for specialty grade coffee in the past leading to the promotion of more robust and less complex varietals such as catimor, reducing quality from these regions.

Despite the challenges, the coffee in San Jose de Lourdes can be incredible. The villages of El Diamante and Nuevo Trujillo both sit between 1700-2000 masl with very distinct micro climates and much colder and wetter weather than neighbouring areas contributing to a citric and stone fruit driven cup profile. This is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with selective picking and attentive processing and is a beautifully versatile coffee with good balance and complexity.

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