Moccamaster Coffee Maker KBGT-741 – Batch Brewing Machine



The Moccamaster is a stalwart of coffee production in Scandinavian households and has been for years. Since its upgrade to European Brewing Centre and Speciality Coffee Association Gold Cup standards for brewing cycles, we can’t stop using it for consistent quality at our roastery.


If you want to make filter coffee at higher quality levels than even most coffee shops, and do so with effortless repeatability, we would recommend it.

Some of its top features are as follows:

  • Brewing water between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius for reducing your chances of over-brewing coffee (or under-brewing it for that matter);
  • Anti-drip feature for the brew basket, meaning no accidental burns;
  • Modular design for easy cleaning. All key parts can be removed and washed/wiped in seconds after brewing;
  • Regulated pulse brewing and even water dispersion – part of the reason we love it so much is for how evenly it can shower water onto the ground coffee. It does so consistently well and at intervals that are neither too fast, nor too slow;
  • Auto-off brewing system – if you accidentally leave it switched on, you won’t burn out your heating element. It only kicks in when there is enough water in the system, and when all parts are assembled for proper brewing. Clever!


You might wonder why we are selling the model with thermos flasks, instead of the option with a hot plate and glass pot for holding brewed coffee. Here’s our reasoning:


Hot plates were the signature of diner-style filter coffee that gave batch brewing a bad name. That reputation has carried through to the present day where most are still unconvinced by what batch brewing can do and can be. Glass pots let coffee cool too quickly, causing its sweetness to stale into both sourness and bitterness in under 30 minutes. Hot plates accelerate the ageing process even more than the cooling does. However, with both a hot plate and a glass pot that doesn’t seal anything in, it’s a horrendously quick journey into stale brown empty liquid. So, for heat retention without adding in accelerated coffee staling, the thermos option is the current leading option. A thermos can keep your coffee at an ideal serving temperature (80-85 degrees Celsius, essential for keeping quality in the brew too) for over 3 hours. While doing so though, a thermos also keeps the rate of evaporation equal to the rate that vapour returns to liquid coffee.


What on earth does that mean? It means that a lot of the aromas that leave the brewed coffee mass actually return to it while stored in a thermos, meaning your delicate flavours are not lost so easily. This is especially important for speciality grade coffee, where we see a large percentage of our leading flavours and aromas coming from the delicate, enzymatic and generally sweet groups of flavour and aroma. Unfortunately, those are the compounds that age the quickest and leave brewed coffee the earliest. So, keeping them in is of high priority for you guys at home, who don’t want a lacklustre brew when trying to make brewing quality coffee an easy household task!


This model comes in a range of colours (black, cream, polished silver – pictured, and red) but please note that we are selling the model that ships with thermos flasks (not glass pots) and this option ships without a hot plate.ย If you have any further questions, please ask Ollie. He is available at ollie@northstarroast.com but for now, please also note that the Moccamaster is not a stock item and may take up to 10 business days to ship after your order is placed. We would also recommend collecting the item from us to avoid your brewing equipment having to travel too far. We know that couriers are not always careful with parcels unfortunately!


If you would like more info on batch brewing in general, please see our blog post on this subject!

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