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It has been a long old wait but finally, our new crop Kenyan coffee is here and we are so excited to present it to you. A lot of work has gone into the sourcing of this lot following our trip to Kenya and Tanzania earlier in the year (read more here!). Not only have we taken a step to improve the traceability we have with our Kenyan coffees, we have also identified a valuable initiative which we are supporting through the sale of this coffee with £1 from every bag we sell going towards youth and women empowerment in coffee farming communities.

Kenyan coffees are highly anticipated every year thanks to their incredible bold profile and intense aromatics which exist due to the amazingly fertile and phosphorous rich soils. This lot displays classic notes of sweet vine tomato with syrupy notes of blackcurrant and a pointed citric acidity. It is absolutely at its best brewed using a filter method and served black to showcase its inherent quality.

Key Stats

Location: Kandara town, Murang'a County, Central ProvinceAltitude: 1,450 - 1,700 maslPreparation: Washed and sun-dried on African bedsVarietal: SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11Owners: 600 Cooperative membersFlavours: Blackcurrant | Vine Tomato | Lemon


Kenya is one of our most favoured coffee origins being the place responsible for the establishment of North Star. Whilst the coffee is amongst the best in the world, it can often be a frustrating supply chain to source from with a lack of transparency and understanding of exactly what impact we are having due to the complex auction system that has been in place there since independence. This system makes it very difficult for Kenyan companies to participate in the sale of their country’s coffee, prioritising established British and foreign export businesses, sadly serving the interest of the buyer and not of the producer. Therefore, when it came to choosing our Kenyan coffee this year, we wanted to prioritise finding the right sourcing partner who could help us have a greater impact in our business activities here.

We first met Vava Angwenyi in 2017 in Budapest where she was speaking at the Re:co Symposium about gender equity in the supply chain. Her views matched with ours when it came to evaluating the current state of the global coffee industry and we wanted to hear more about her company, a Kenyan enterprise focused on showcasing the value of Kenyan coffee to Kenyan coffee farmers. We were hosted by her during our visit to Kenya in February this year and learnt more about an initiative called Gente del Futuro which she has co-founded.

In many producing countries, the average age of coffee farmers is increasing. Youth are not motivated to stay in coffee, they face lack of ownership of land, coffee trees and access to training and finance and therefore leave the rural areas looking for employment in towns. Continuation of coffee production by the “next generation” is therefore at stake, and poses a great risk for the coffee sector as a whole. GDF is an organisation that currently works with smallholder producers in Kenya, Tanzania and Colombia to showcase the potential life-changing impact of the industry to producers who are currently marginalised and denied access to the consumer end of the supply chain. In supporting this organisation, we are empowering young people through practical and technical training to show them coffee is a profession that can change their future for the better, not the worse. By buying this bag of coffee, you are contributing to scholarships and training programs for hundreds of smallholder coffee producers so they are able to better understand the value of what they are growing. Asante Sana!

This coffee comes to us from around 600 smallholder farmers who hand pick their ripe cherry and deliver it to the Ruchu factory where it is depulped, washed and soaked before being dried on raised beds and prepared for export. It is outstandingly bold in flavour with incredible structure and depth. There is a cola like mouthfeel with juicy blackcurrant, hints of sweet vine tomato and a pointed lemon acidity.

Thank you thank you thank you for buying this delicious coffee which not only tastes really good, but it does a lot of good too 🙂

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Grind Setting: Very coarseBrew Time: 6 minutesCoffee:Water 60g-65g : 1L water
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Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 2 minutes (for a 1 cup Pour Over)Coffee:Water 15g : 250ml
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Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 3 minutesCoffee:Water 14g - 15g : 250ml
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  1. Max Simmons

    I’ve got to say, I’ve found Kenyans to be difficult to work with in the past; this one however is incredible! It’s full of a complex sweetness. Will be a go to filter coffee for me. Thanks for the beans North Star!

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