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Home Barista Course

Fri, 24th Jan 2020
10:00 - 13:00




This is a practical course aimed at the home barista or coffee enthusiasts wishing to learn more about how to create great espresso and milk-based drinks from their own kitchen. This session lasts for three hours and requires no previous experience at all.


Throughout the course you will gain the opportunity to clarify plenty of coffee-related questions on your mind, as well as fielding enquiries about products on the market and how to buy things to suit your needs. In house we use an advanced array of espresso equipment including the La Marzocco Linea PB machine. We will also be able to detail and evaluate the pros and cons of choosing particular types of equipment, and develop appropriate workarounds for whatever situation you have at home currently.


During the course we will explore the key principles of using coffee, in addition to covering the following areas in depth: workflow relative to equipment; the essentials of sensory skills for filter coffee & espresso; the coffee supply chain and how to navigate buying it;  the clear differences between commodity & speciality grade coffees, and of course the fundamentals of milk and latte art.


You’ll leave knowing what to expect from coffees found on all sides of the coffee market, including the vast array of coffee ‘types’ within even the speciality niche. We will detail the impact of various commercial priorities on coffee as an end product. This will not only help you as coffee consumers, but will guide you towards finding the right coffees for various preferences. You’ll also learn about grinding to your needs, and creating a water specification to form the fundamental background to your set-up of quality espresso.


During (and after) the session you will have an open line of communication with us for tailored feedback, quality control and improving your practical skills and results in the cup. We’ll aid you setting relevant goals and aims to keep in mind, in order for you to further improve your skill set in coffee going forward.


Of course, there will be ample time allocated for you to jump on one of our machines and start building the right espresso-making habits yourself, making the best use of your time with Ollie, our authorised Speciality Coffee Association trainer in Brewing and Barista Skills disciplines. You’ll receive a wealth of barista training materials following the course, and get the chance to keep in touch with Ollie with any equipment or coffee-related questions too. This is particularly useful for avoiding the inevitable crisis of forgetting important information after it is told to you during the course. 🙂

Booking Details

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email stating the course and date you have signed up to. If you have chosen to attend a course in our North Star Coffee Academy, you will receive an email from our trainer ahead of the course taking place to confirm the address and start time along with parking info/directions. If you are attending a virtual course, you will be emailed with the Zoom details required to join the session.

All physical courses are held at our roastery in Armley located here.




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