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Guatemala Finca La Bolsa Washed


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  • French Press

  • Pour Over

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Head Trainer Ol loves a versatile brew and he thinks…

“That this latest washed lot from La Bolsa is about as sweet as they come! Beautifully well balanced, it’s such a versatile brew that is suited to both espresso and filter. Unbelievably mouth-watering without milk – expect all the berries with a delicate nutty finish. Add milk to the mix and you end up with a beverage full of sweet milk chocolate and rich pecan notes. A tasty, indulgent brew suitable for every occasion!”

Key Stats

Location: La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Western highlands of GuatemalaAltitude: 1,500 to 1,600 metres above sea levelPreparation: WashedVarietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Owners: Jorge VidesFlavours: Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Pecan


Finca La Bolsa isn’t just your run of the mill coffee farm, it’s a large extended coffee family! Our relationship with 3rd generation producers, Vides 58, is one of our longest and most cherished – our offer list just wouldn’t be the same without a beautiful washed and funky natural lot from this little coffee paradise over the course of the year. The farm has been in existence since 1958 and is the brainchild of Jorge Vides, a distinguished medical professional whose hobby for coffee cultivation turned into something much more meaningful. La Bolsa stands for ‘handbag’ and is aptly named due to its position nestled between two mountains, which provide a very stable, humid microclimate. This combined with the limestone rich soils give the coffee trees all they require to produce cups of great quality with the perfect balance of acidity and body.

La Bolsa is a place where social, agricultural and environmental aspects of farming are a key focus of plantation management, ensuring sustainable practices are front and centre throughout every stage of production. By design, the farm is more than just a place of work. It is an important hub for not only it’s workers but for the whole community, providing work, education and healthcare to the region. We had the pleasure of visiting the vibrant and colourful on-site school during our last trip where we learned all about the curriculum and the various initiatives available to the children from their fully qualified, full-time teachers. As well as academia, the school has also made Associate Coffee Care available to it’s students – a project that seeks to reduce child labour and improve quality of life for coffee pickers and their families. Students aged between 2-14 years old have access to nutritional advice and are taught valuable life skills that have been designed to aid them in everyday life and improve general health.

The farm is rainforest alliance certified but in essence it is so much more. With each visit we have been so very impressed by the fertility of the land, general health of the crops, organisation on the farm and commitment to the conservation of the ecosystem that is being both farmed and lived in. This is testament to the skilled agronomists and dedicated workers on site who enforce good agronomic practices which align with and in most cases surpass Rainforest Alliance standards.

Learn more about Finca La Bolsa by reading the blog that documented James and Ollie’s last visit back in 2019:


Brew Guides


Grind Setting: Medium (slighter finer than for a Pour Over)Brew Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds - 3 minutesCoffee:Water 16-17g : 250ml
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Grind Setting: CoarseBrew Time: 5 minutesCoffee:Water 65-70g : 1L
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Grind Setting: Very FineBrew Time: 27-29 secondsDose:Brewed Weight 18g : 36-40g
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French Press

Grind Setting: CoarseBrew Time: 3 minutesCoffee:Water 14g : 250ml
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Pour Over

Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 1 minute 30 seconds - 2 minutesCoffee:Water 16g : 250ml
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Delivery Details

Local pickups take place from the Roastery on Tong Road. Please note our shutter doors will be down for security and temperature reasons but we are always in Monday-Friday between 9 and 5pm – just ring the doorbell on arrival. We are offering free shipping for orders above £20 🙂

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to confirm it is being processed and then another one to let you know when it has been dispatched. We are currently operating with a 2-3 working day lead time to process your order once you have placed it. If you have ordered a Nova Bakehouse cookie kit, this will be posted on the next available Tuesday along with any other items you have ordered. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Lovely coffee. Tastes slightly of chocolate orange to me.

Scarlett Shearwood

Keep trying other blends but coming back to this one! Tastes great in the aeropress

Andrew Woodhead

Smooth and light

Best coffee

Subtle and delicious. A must try. A great start each day

All Day Long

Balanced is a word used in a few of the reviews for this coffee and they are right. It has good body, strength and zero bitterness. It makes an excellent cup. You can drink it all day long.


We work directly with growers we know and trust to source specialty grade coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility to not just sustain, but to improve how things work.

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