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This contemporary seasonal espresso blend is all about showcasing the very best coffees from the most recent harvests taking place throughout the year. With frequently changing components, it aims to promote seasonal coffees that are chosen for their interesting and fresh flavours.

Version 16 is sweet with jammy character and notes of blackberry, peach and caramel – there are hints of red apple and distant florals too adding to the complexity of this super seasonal and contemporary espresso blend.

Key Stats

Flavours: Blackberry | Caramel | Peach


Czar St V.16 is made up of the following components:

50% Ethiopia Duromina

25% Kenya Deman

25% Guatemala Santa Marta


50% Ethiopia Duromina

This cooperative is one we have been working with since 2014 and is now pretty well known across the specialty coffee community thanks to its outstanding quality which has been achieved with technical support and access to finance from the Gates Foundation supported NGO ‘Technoserve’. This was not always the case though. Coffee has grown in this region for generations thanks to the ideal climate and altitude. However, it was traditionally processed using the natural process which was yielding lower quality lots due to the infrastructure in place. The region of Jimma became synonymous with ‘Djimma Grade 5’ coffee, a well-known commodity grade bean and as a result, farmers received low prices for their coffee earning little income from their crop.

In 2010, around 100 local coffee farmers came together to form Duromina which, in the Oromo language, means ‘to improve their lives.’ Thanks to the input of Technoserve, by 2012 coffee from this cooperative had taken first place in the Africa Fine Cup – the increased income from the sale of the high quality specialty grade coffee meant the community were able to build a new bridge to improve access to their village and the safety of those using it along with sending their children to school and introducing electricity into many homes there. A true example of the power coffee holds to dramatically better the lives of those producing it. The coffee is beautifully sweet and complex with intense apricot and peach, hints of florals and a black tea like finish. It lends incredible flavour to the base of this espresso.

25% Kenya Deman

During our trip to Kenya in February of this year, we had the pleasure of meeting Mutai, owner of this small estate. His farm comprises 10,000 trees and a small micro wet mill allowing him to process his cherries to parchment level which means he is able to access a higher proportion of the price paid. Mutai’s farm is in the county of Meru which is a lesser known region for the production of high quality coffee, it is one of the most fertile regions in East Africa teeming with a variety of crops from mangos, avocados, papaya, macadamia nuts, tea, maize and some coffee too. Walking around it was like wandering the Garden of Eden itself! The time we spent with him was so enjoyable thanks to his enthusiasm and passion for progressing the quality and transparency of what he is doing. We are hoping to forge a stronger relationship with him going forwards to help him improve the quality of his crop so we can showcase his coffee in our single origin range too. In this form, it contributes to the body and depth of the blend with hints of caramel and blackberry.

25% Guatemala Santa Marta

Santa Marta is located at a staggeringly high 1800 metres above sea level – when David acquired this land there were just 14 hectares in total planted with coffee and he was told he would never be able to produce a significant amount due to the altitude. Over the last few years, his coffee production has grown to now inhabit 45 hectares and he has not only managed to improve the yield of his trees but also the quality. The loamy clay soils and Gravillea shade trees ensure good distribution of nutrients and slow development of his cherries which we think has really added to the sweetness and structure of this cup. This lot is juicy and bright with notes of red apple, cherry and orange – it is a beautiful addition to this seasonal blend adding balance to the East African coffees.

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Grind Setting: Very fineBrew Time: 32-35 secondsDose:Brewed Weight 18g : 40-42g
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French Press

Grind Setting: CoarseBrew Time: Around 4 minutesCoffee:Water 18g : 250ml
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