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Colombia Finca Timanco Subscription

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SUITED FOR: Espresso, French Press, Stove Top, AeroPress, Pour over, Chemex

BEST ENJOYED: Black or with a touch of milk


Our Colombian coffees are always fantastically versatile suited to all brew methods with their incredible character but balancing body – the character of these lots is unbelievable, with metal filter methods they tend to display a more fudgey profile with hints of lemon peel, on paper filter they can be beautifully buttery with really complex acidity and notes ranging from cherry to red apple to orange. As a coffee origin, Colombia is one of our favourites to work with thanks to the numerous micro-climates throughout the country, we can pretty much buy freshly harvested coffee from the different regions all year round. We generally look to the southern departments of Huila, Cauca, Tolima and Nariño for our supply as we love the flavour profiles from these regions. Throughout the year, the lot name/producer group we are featuring may change to ensure we have the freshest possible offering but you will always get the same high quality, versatile character.


This lot comes to us from one of our favourite departments, Huila, through which runs the infamous Magdalena River.


Huila, like many rural regions in Colombia, has suffered long periods of violence and unrest thanks to ongoing conflicts due to the production of illicit drugs. This group of farmers sought peace and constancy through the production of high quality coffee in an effort to bring about greater social and economic stability.


The town of Timaná is one of the oldest settlements in Colombia and was named for the tribe that originally inhabited the region who fought back against Spanish conquerors. It is beautifully situated in the heart of the Andes mountain range benefitting from water supply from the plentiful surrounding rivers. The coffee grows here under shade trees of plantain and nogal which help to slowly ripen the cherries before they are hand picked and processed on the various micro wet mills in place. The coffee is dry fermented for around 26 hours before being washed and sun dried using raised beds and parabolic dryers to combat the regions humidity and regular rainfall. This process and attention to detail really helps to build complexity in the cup with a juicy character and high natural sweetness.







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Good coffee

Delicious Coffee

First class product with easy ordering and fast delivery. Packaging is cool also.

Fantastic coffee, my favourite so far.

This blend is delicious and my favourite so far. Would 100% recommend.


Excellent Coffee and Excellent service.