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This coffee is now out of stock following huge popularity! Hols is visiting Burundi in two weeks for the Cup of Excellence competition where she hopes to source something outstanding for the new crop…watch this space!

Burundi is a country with great coffee tradition, all of its coffee is produced by smallholder farmers who have between 1 and 2 hectares of land in their ‘shamba’. Similarly to its coffee producing neighbours, Rwanda and Tanzania, Burundi’s coffee is therefore processed and sold by the local wet mill – in this instance, Gahahe which is in the region of Kayanza.

This is a really rich and rounded coffee with great balance and ‘sparkling’ character – it has super sweet notes of raspberry and peach and is very versatile.

Key Stats

Location: Kayanza, Northern BurundiAltitude: 1,805 metres above sea levelPreparation: WashedVarietal: BourbonOwners: Approximately 599 smallholder farmersFlavours: Raspberry | Red Apple | Peach


Burundi is perhaps less well known as a coffee producer compared to its neighbours Rwanda and Tanzania, but it is a country with great coffee tradition with fantastically high altitude, regular rainfall and an abundance of Bourbon. Being a landlocked country, sandwiched between the DRC, Tanzania and Rwanda, Burundi has typically had problems getting its coffee out of the country and on the water in a timely manner which has traditionally affected the cup profile of its coffee. However, recent advancements have been made as more mills and exporters become focused on the specialty industry to access higher prices for their coffee. All of Burundi’s coffee is produced by smallholder farmers who have between half a hectare and two hectares of coffee in their ‘shamba’ yielding between 1-5 sacks of cherry. They then deliver their selectively picked ripe cherry to a centralised wet mill, in this instance Gahahe.

Gahahe was established in 1989 and processes the coffee of around 600 smallholder farmers. This washing station is located in the region of Kayanza which borders Rwanda in the North and coffees from Gahahe have consistently won places in the Cup of Excellence competition since 2012. Kayanza is mostly known for being the source of the River Nile and it is this unique water that is thought to produce such outstanding coffee. This washing station processes most of its coffee using the two stage washing and soaking practice that is usually common in Kenya – this extra period of soaking the parchment beans in clean water is thought to add great acidity and therefore complexity to the cup. This lot is beautifully bold with rich juicy notes of raspberry and peach, pulled together with a syrupy caramel mouthfeel and great body which adds to the overall balance.

Brew Guides

Pour Over

Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 1 minute 30 seconds (based on a 1 cup Pour Over)Coffee:Water 16-18g : 250ml
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Grind Setting: Very fineBrew Time: 28-34 secondsDose:Brewed Weight 17g-19g : 35-40ml
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Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 3 minutesCoffee:Water 17g -19g : 250ml
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Grind Setting: Very CoarseBrew Time: 6 minutes 30 seconds (for 1L)Coffee:Water 65g : 1L
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  1. (verified owner):

    Collected my 1Kg of Burundi this sunny Thursday morning, at North Stars beautiful dockside roastery couldn’t have been a better morning for it. I’ve just had a Flat white out in my garden in the sunshine.

    The espresso base was sparkling with raspberry and peach, having been roasted just a few hours before being shot down my grinder and entering my group handle, it was reminiscent of fruity ice tea. It enveloped my mouth with a comforting smooth, chocolate, buttery coating. The ending had a hint of sweet red toffee apple.

    Can’t wait to share this amazing coffee with my friends tomorrow.

    Thanks again to North Star & Burundi!

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