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Burundi Maruri Natural


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Burundi is one of our most preferred coffee origins thanks to the incredible quality of coffee produced there but also due to the relatively early stages of development the country is in with regards to coffee production – we have a real opportunity to contribute to the development of the coffee industry in what is the fifth poorest country in the world, coffee really could drive social and economic change for thousands of smallholder farming families across the region.

This lot from the Mpanga washing station (Maruri hill) is rich and sweet with hints of fig, milk chocolate, orange and blackberry – a really versatile coffee with good balance and a syrupy grape-like mouthfeel.


Key Stats

Location: Kayanza, Northern BurundiAltitude: 1,780-1905 metres above sea levelPreparation: NaturalVarietal: BourbonOwners: Cooperative MembersFlavours: OUT OF STOCK


Burundi is one of our most preferred coffee origins thanks to the incredible quality of coffee produced there but also due to the relatively early stages of development the country is in with regards to coffee production. This presents us with an exciting opportunity to seek out some amazing washing stations and try to ensure purchasing models are developed in line with social and environmental responsibility – this is still quite a challenge at the moment due to the current way the supply chain is set up in Burundi but we hope that with an increasing demand for transparent and traceable practices that this will come in the next few years.

This coffee comes to us from the Mpanga washing station in the northern and well known region of Kayanza which borders Rwanda and possesses many of the same growing conditions – hilly terrain, high altitude and an abundance of Bourbon! This washing station services around 3,400 smallholder producers all of whom have an average of between half a hectare and two hectares of land which they use to grow a variety of crops, coffee being the only cash crop and the main source of income for the family.

Maruri is the name of the hill that this particular lot comes to us from, the coffee picked there is processed at the Mpanga station which was established in 2008 and is managed by Jean-Clement Birabereye.  The cherry is first floated to separate any overripe or underripe beans before being delivered to the drying tables where it is carefully spread in a thin layer and regularly turned to prevent uneven drying or mould development. The result is a full bodied, well balanced and clean coffee with figgy sweetness and brighter notes of orange and sticky blackberry.

You can read a review of this coffee by Batch just here 🙂

Brew Guides

Pour Over

Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 2 minute 30 seconds (based on a 1 cup Pour Over)Coffee:Water 18g : 250ml
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Grind Setting: Very fineBrew Time: 26-30 secondsDose:Brewed Weight 17g : 34-36ml
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Grind Setting: MediumBrew Time: 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutesCoffee:Water 19g : 250ml
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French Press

Grind Setting: CoarseBrew Time: 4 minutes Coffee:Water 60g : 1L
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