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Are you the proud owner of an espresso machine at home?

Do you struggle to get that perfect extraction shot after shot?

Well folks, our head trainer has got your back. Ollie Sears is a brewing wizard and the portafilter is his wand! He’s been busy putting together some super helpful resources that will have you taking your espresso game to the next level. Making the perfect espresso is key to the overall quality of your coffee experience – even if you are a lover of lattes or a fan of flat whites, no amount of silky textured milk or beautiful latte art can make a badly brewed spro taste good! If you want to improve your coffee making skills, the key is absolutely to start with getting the most from your espresso both in terms of technique and then, when this is nailed down, experimentation with various recipes to tailor your brewing to your own preferences.

Let’s start by going back to basics with our 4 step barista quick guide that covers everything you need to know to get you confidently slingin’ spros from the comfort of your own home.


Barista Quick Guide



Here’s Ol with a brief demonstration of the principles mentioned above including his suggestions for efficient espresso workflow from start to finish.


Be aware that different coffees suit different recipes, so if you are struggling to brew any of our range you can follow the link below to find the corresponding brew recipe in the ‘Our Coffee’ section of our website.



Find this helpful? Then stay tuned… We’ve got loads more espresso based content to share with you in the coming weeks!

Happy Brewing!

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