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Welcome to Part 3 of our ‘Making Espresso at Home’ blog mini-series! This one goes out to all you piccolo people… latte lovers… cappuccino quaffers… and flat white fanatics. For anyone who really enjoys a healthy splash of well textured, silky milk in their tasty coffee-based beverage.

Ok, so you’ve mastered the art of the dial. And are now consistently pulling wonderful well-balanced shots of espresso. The next step is nailing down that milk texture. After all, it would be an absolute crime to top that perfectly extracted espresso up with milk that is tepid, boiling, thin or bubbly. Not only does poorly steamed milk affect your coffee’s end flavour and texture, it also makes achieving a latte art masterpiece nigh on impossible.

Our head barista trainer Ollie is here to help and has put together an incredibly handy guide that covers everything you need-to-know when it comes to Milk Technique. He’ll have you producing glossy, sweet and creamy milk quicker than you can say silky milky!

Brief Milk Technique



More of a visual learner? We’ve got your back… Let Ollie ‘The Milk Magician’ Sears demo how it’s done:


Enjoying our home barista mini-series? Fancy taking your espresso game to the next level? Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news from the North Star Coffee Academy in the coming weeks…

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