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3 months ago we put our heads together (not literally… at a super safe 2 metre distance obvs) here at North Star to try and think of some fun and innovative ways that we can continue to share our coffee knowledge and expertise with our much loved #northstarfamily. We miss having the opportunity to interact with our customers, be it wholesale training, cupping events or just a general coffee-based chinwag and we’ll be damned if we’re going to let a global pandemic get in the way of us being able to connect with our awesome coffee community.

Soooo, we raided the North Star Academy archives, have served up the best loved aspects of the SCA coffee courses we offered pre-pandemic, added a large dose of industry experience and a sprinkling of North Star charm and have curated something very special… We are super excited to introduce ‘The North Star Introduction to Coffee’ course. This isn’t just any old bog standard brewing video. It is a comprehensive, interactive 8-week online course that will take you through every element of specialty coffee, right the way from bean to cup.

Join a few members of the North Star gang (including a Licensed Q Grader, 2 Authorised SCA Trainers and a Barista Hustle Coach) who collectively ooze coffee knowledge and are happy to share a wealth of tips, tricks and information that will take your understanding of this incredibly tasty beverage to new levels and have you brewing the very best coffee at home.

This one of a kind in depth course is a complete overview of the coffee supply chain and has been designed to be accessible whether you’re locked down, in quarantine or lucky enough to be restriction free. Hosted on an online learning platform you will have unique access to a series of guided practicals, recorded videos and PDF resources all of which can be viewed in the comfort of your own home. Have you ever wondered what it’s like working in a coffee roastery? Or wanted to know more about the workings of a coffee farm in the highlands of a coffee producing country? We’ve got you covered with exclusive behind the scenes footage of North Star HQ and origin trips from our video archives.

Not only will you have lifetime access to 3 and a half hours worth of video content and a box of coffee-based resources and goodies (including a Hario V60 Brewer and a range of coffee samples to virtually taste along with Hols), you’ll also have the opportunity to engage with us via email and our social channels to discuss anything course specific or coffee related.

Here at North Star, our focus has always been on real and true impact and we are driven by the desire to prioritise people and planet over profit in our industry. Hence the themes of sound ethics and sustainability that run throughout the course, which will help you to identify and interpret the vast array of eco-friendly jargon out there and improve your understanding allowing you to become an ethical coffee consumer that makes more informed purchasing decisions.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive bunch and have made sure that this experience is suitable for coffee lovers of all backgrounds and levels. There really is something for everyone. Seeing as it’s only October I won’t mention the “C” word in full… but I will attest that this interactive course really is the perfect gift idea for any friends or family members that have an interest in coffee in any way, shape or form. We simply cannot wait to share this amazingly unique experience with you all and look forward to discussing all things coffee with you again!

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