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There has been a big debate here at North Star Coffee Roasters over the last week around what makes the best gift for someone who loves coffee. Turns out everyone at the roastery had lots of ideas about what would make top of their list and as a result, we have created a blog post about the best gifts for coffee lovers to help give you some coffee gift ideas for  your caffeine loving friends.

Coffee Gift Ideas

  • Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are a great way to give that special someone a gift that just keeps on giving. With coffee subscriptions, you get freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door every week.

Here at North Star Coffee Roasters, we even offer 6-month coffee subscriptions – that’s a lot of coffee!

Coffee subscriptions are also a great way to introduce someone to new types of coffees and potentially coffees they wouldn’t normally choose. Our coffee subscriptions rotate through our full range of coffee so you get to enjoy everything from fruity African single origins to our signature chocolatey house blend.

  • Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground coffee is a must for anyone serious about coffee. Buying whole beans and then grinding them before immediate use will ensure the beans deliver the freshest and most flavoursome notes in your coffee. For this reason, investing in a quality grinder is definitely recommended for anyone who loves coffee.

Grinders vary in ability and price quite considerably. From handheld manual grinders to large commercial grinders used in cafes, it’s certainly worth looking at what type of grinder is best for your needs. Luckily, our resident expert, Ollie, wrote a whole guide on the best grinders so make sure you check that out before buying one.

  • Aeropress

The Aeropress has made the list simply because it’s a fantastic coffee accessory for anyone interested in coffee. It’s a brewing method that frequently gets high recommendations from our community thanks to its value for money and versatility.

The advantage of the Aeropress is that it is perfect for travelling and moving around. For those who love to travel or just want great coffee at the office the Aeropress could be the perfect solution.

  • Spotlight Coffee Range

Here at North Star Coffee Roasters, we’ve been roasting coffee for quite some time and every now and then we come across a coffee that is something extra special and unique. Just like a fine wine, these coffees deserve to be highlighted.

Our Spotlight Range is reserved for coffees that only come around once in a while. We think they really do demonstrate the incredible flavour potential existent within coffee and the range really is there for the true connoisseur.

  • Scales

Even the best coffee in the world needs to be brewed perfectly to taste great. This is where scales become a fundamental piece of equipment for any home barista or coffee enthusiast.

Making the perfect cup of coffee is similar to following a recipe which means consistency is absolutely key – it is important to weigh both the coffee ground and the espresso produced. Scales will give you the precision required to ensure you can make the best coffee possible.


  • Espresso Machine

For those coffee lovers who can’t live without an espresso, investing in an espresso machine could be the ultimate solution. Fortunately, the prices of home espresso machines have come down considerably in recent years as the demand for this type of coffee machine has increased.

They still vary in price so make sure you do your research first. If you ever want to talk espresso machines, feel free to get in contact and we’ll help guide you in the right direction 😊 We have the incredible La Marzocco Linea Mini which is the ultimate coffee machine for any home enthusiast providing consistent and quality espresso every time.

  • Home Barista Course

Our home barista courses and coffee training have become very popular. Understanding the science behind making coffee helps coffee enthusiasts take their passion and hobby to the next level.

There are plenty of types of courses available, from beginner courses to fully accredited barista training.

We’ve also just released a brand new interactive online home brewing course.

Check out our North Star Academy for a full list of our courses.

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