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Do you find yourself constantly rushed off your feet, struggling to fully take the time to enjoy that coffee you were looking forward to?

If so, perhaps it’s time you embraced the Swedish approach to coffee and cake, commonly known as “fika.”

Fika is a Swedish term meaning to “have a coffee.” It represents the purest form of enjoying a coffee, as well as tasty treats. It is focused on the experience of taking the time to fully appreciate a great cup of coffee with friends, family and colleagues.

In a world where many of us end up quickly grabbing a cup of coffee before we rush out again, Fika stands proud against this with its leisurely and enjoyable approach to connecting with people through food and drink. Simply having a coffee is not enough, it’s about making time for a quality break, full of your favourite drink, food and company.

It is truly ingrained in Swedish culture and perfectly describes how we feel about enjoying coffee here at North Star Coffee.

Why Fika is Important

Fika is important because it requires you to adopt a certain mindset and attitude towards how you spend your day. Swedes see fika as a vital part of their day – and rightly so! Fika is the gateway to spending quality time with friends and family. We’re not talking about having phones and laptops out and vaguely pretending to be interested in what someone’s saying – instead, fika is about forging meaningful moments with friends over food and drink.

The unfortunate reality is many of us don’t factor this into our busy lives. We are constantly rushed, and live in a frenzied environment, struggling to make time to relax and have a well deserved break.

The ability to take a break during the day, allows you to socialise with those around you as well as having time to recharge yourself from work. It allows you to unplug and take time to meaningfully engage with friends, family and colleagues.

Lessons we can learn from Sweden

Sweden’s approach to make fika a right for workers and ingraining it into their culture demonstrates their values and mindset towards friendship, well-being and appreciating the little things (as well as coffee!)

Fika also illustrates that working long hours and being constantly busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being more productive. Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are often considered some of the most productive nations in the world and their approach to taking proper breaks may well have something to do with it.

Whether you’re Swedish or not, we think everyone should have a little fika in their lives. It may sound simple, but truly adopting this into your daily routine can lead to a much more fulfilling and purposeful day.

If you want to get started with fika at home or in your workplace, why not try some of our specialty coffee to help you get the most out of it.  Or, if you’re around in Leeds, pop down to our café in Leeds Docks, get cosy and have a proper break.

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