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Zoom El Salvador Finca Margarita Pacas
Zoom El Salvador Finca Margarita Pacas

El Salvador Finca Margarita Pacas


We’re delighted to welcome back this exceptional lot from Maria Zoila Piñeda and her farm, Finca Margarita. This coffee is beautifully balanced and versatile, working well through your espresso machine and on various filter brew methods. It will take well to milk should you want to add some but also has loads of sweetness and character when served without.

Expect : Green Apple, Dried Plum, Nougat
Enjoy with : With or Without Milk
Process : Washed

Location: Chalatenango, Northern El Salvador
Altitude: 1,400-1,600 metres above sea level
Preparation: Washed
Varietal: Pacas
Owners: María Zoila Piñeda

Suited for : Chemex, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Stove Top
Enjoy : With or Without Milk

Pour Over
Grind Setting: Medium
Brew Time: 1 minute 30 seconds - 2 minutes
Coffee:Water 16g - 250ml

Grind Setting: Fine
Brew Time: 28-31 seconds
Dose:Brewed Weight 16-18g dose : 33-37g yield

French Press
Grind Setting: Coarse
Brew Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds - 4 minutes
Coffee:Water 20g : 250ml

Stove Top
Grind Setting: Fine (slightly coarser than for espresso, finer than an Aeropress)
Brew Time: Dependent on size and heating source
Coffee:Water 22g : 250ml (though dependent on size of Stove Top)

Grind Setting: Very Coarse
Brew Time: 5 minutes (for a litre of coffee)
Coffee:Water 70g : 1L

Brew Guides

Grind Size

El Salvador

Our first North Star funded project designed to support Maria Zoila Piñeda - the producer behind Finca Margarita. With the help of export partners Caravela and Maria herself, we created a 3-stage infrastructure improvement project designed to bring about lot separation, better quality and consistency, efficient use of labour, lower emissions and ultimately, greater access to more income.

Read our origin guide

This Coffee's Story

We have worked with Maria since 2017 thanks to her involvement with the Chelazos co-operative. More recently, Maria has become the focus or our very first infrastructure project. This project has been co-funded alongside Caravela Coffee and is designed to bring about greater resilience to climate change in years to come, ultimately aiming to safeguard the future of coffee.

We identified the need for this project following a secondary trip we made in 2019 to gauge how we could support our purchases further. You can read more detail about all of this but in short, this trip highlighted the need for better infrastructure on Finca Margarita (Maria’s farm), that would enable her to access more income for her coffee and further improve quality to safeguard herself from potential losses in yield brought about by climate-change related pests and disease.

We are now into the fourth year of our infrastructure project and in addition to the raised beds built in phase 1, Maria’s farm is now home to a new de-pulper and improved fermentation tanks which are helping to transform processing operations on the farm with respect to both yield and quality. Step forward this year's pacas harvest which is edible proof of the impact the project is having.

Shipping Info

Delivery Times

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to confirm it is being processed and then another one to let you know when it has been dispatched. We are currently operating with 3 working day lead time to process your order once you have placed it. 

Royal Mail 2nd class tracked postage is included for orders over £25. Orders under £25 will add £4.10 for 2nd class tracked postage. Alternatively, you have the option to include 1st class tracked postage for £5.

Local Pick Ups

Local pickups take place from the Roastery on Tong Road. Please note our shutter doors will be down for security and temperature reasons but we are always in Monday-Friday between 9 and 5pm – just ring the doorbell on arrival

Packaging Info

Letterbox Friendly

If you order 1-2 x 250g bags of coffee, they will be sent in a letterbox friendly package so that you do not need to be in to take receipt of your coffee.

100% Home Compostable

Our 250g bags are 100% home compostable including the valve, seal and sticker! They will degrade in 6 months in a well managed home compost.

1kg Recyclable LDPE 4

Our 1kg bags are currently in LDPE plastic - some councils will recycle this for you, if you are unsure simply take it to your local supermarket with your other plastic packaging.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
tony di-clemente
Great coffee

Been buying from them for a while now for shops of worked at as well as personally, lovely mellow flavours and my new favourite way to drink them is a stove top moka pot

My favourite

Gorgeous coffee, definitely my favourite.

Pete Siddall
Lovely flavour

Works well with milk, great tasting latte to get the day underway.

Howard lee Fowler
Coffee beans

Nice coffee personal choice would be a little stronger

Samuel Taylor
Amazing, my go to daily coffee!

Really great marzipan juicy taste. Perfect for a stove top or filter coffee on a morning before I go to work.


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