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After the great feedback (and surprising publicity!) of our first Czar Street Seasonal Espresso, we were slightly nervous about changing things up, but we thought the time was right for the second installment after some very exciting new arrivals at the start of the year. As we are still waiting for the new crop fruit bombs from Ethiopia and complex Central Americans, we thought it was a good opportunity for a Spring blend which showcases coffees from the most recent harvests. In November, we had the pleasure of tasting fresh crop Rwanda’s from washing stations around Lake Kivu, and since then we have been waiting for a coffee to pair one of them with for a deliciously sweet yet balanced espresso. The answer was Peru Churupampa from the region of San Ignacio in northern Peru which arrived in January this year. Churupampa is a micro lot from the CAC La Prosperidad cooperative in Chirinos which has been produced by just 20 farmers who have access to the exact micro climate and altitude needed to produce top quality coffee in the area. The result is a deliciously bright coffee with a sweet orange tang which, when paired with the plummy Rwanda Kirimbi, offers a well-balanced espresso with plenty of character. After weeks of tinkering with both components, we have finally settled on a 50/50 blend of the two which we hope you will all enjoy!

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