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For some of us, great tasting coffee is a vital part of everyday life. So, what happens when you’re on the move, traveling or simply don’t have access to a great café? How can you still enjoy your favourite specialty grade coffee?

We’ve put this coffee survival guide together to help showcase how anyone can enjoy great coffee whenever they find themselves on the go.

From the frequent flyers, to the camping enthusiasts, the fear of not having access to coffee can be tackled head on with the following 6 pieces of equipment.


The aeropress is the secret weapon of the coffee enthusiast who loves to travel. It is affordable, easy to use and easy to transport. The aeropress makes it easy to brew quality coffee on the move.

For help in getting the most out of your aeropress, check out our guide to brewing with the aeropress.


Filter Papers

You’ll need some filter papers for your aeropress. These filter papers get disposed of after each brew so just make sure you have enough for your trip.

Fresh North Star Coffee Beans

The coffee itself is definitely the most important factor of the potential you have to brew a great cup on the go. Freshly roasted coffees can be pre-ground if necessary, whilst you will lose some of the more complex aromatics, the coffee should be good enough for around 3-4 weeks after roast.

For those of you who really are going off the beaten track, finding milk may prove challenging. Our advice would be to go for a super juicy, complex coffee such as our Kenya Ragati Peaberry or Rwanda Gihombo which will provide bags of flavour meaning you really won’t miss the milk!

Handheld Grinder

If you opt for taking whole beans with you, then you’ll also need a quality handheld grinder. There are plenty of grinders that are designed for travel and convenience.

For tips on what type of grinder to buy, check out this detailed guide about the best coffee grinders. We also have a range of coffee grinders available at our online shop, including the Rhinowares one which fits perfectly inside your Aeropress!

Boiling Water

You’ll need some boiling water to brew your coffee. Hopefully you can find a way to get access to a kettle. Again, if you’re going off the grid, you may need to create a fire and unleash your wilderness skills to get that boiling water (working hard for that boiling water will only make the coffee taste even nicer when it brews!) If you are on a plane we have generally found the airline staff to be only too happy to provide you with a supply of hot water.

Travel Mug

Once you’ve ground your beans and put them in the aeropress and added water, you’re almost there. You just need a trusty travel mug to capture the delicious coffee and away you go! Great tasting coffee when you need it most.

Check out our North Star Coffee Frank Green Re-usable cups – perfect for taking to your local café to avoid waste, and perfect for taking on your travels!

Frank Green 8oz Re-usable Cup

Don’t let your travelling get in the way of enjoy your favourite coffee and follow the steps above to ensure you are never without a great cup of coffee again.


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