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Ethiopia Geta Bore Coffee: A Story of Collaboration, Sustainability and Empowerment

In a hurry? Check out our brand new Ethiopia Geta Bore coffee beans below 👇 Buy Ethiopia Geta Bore Beans Every time I stand at a cupping table and slurp down the tasty Ethiopian that tends to reside in the
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Black Lives Matter – a statement from the owners and team of North Star Coffee Roasters, North Star Coffee Shop and Nova Bakehouse

It has now been a week since #blackouttuesday. We have been silent since then taking some time to reflect, to ask questions of ourselves, to acknowledge our life experience thus far, to check our privilege. To begin to educate ourselves.
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Coffee Grinders – Tips and Reviews for Buying a Coffee Grinder

Buying freshly roasted coffee might not be new to many reading this blog post, and follows on logically from buying fresh food for eating at home.  Eating fresh food maximises the amount of flavour you’ll get from it. That same
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El Salvador – Origin Virgin Part II – the final instalment…

As the anniversary of my virgin adventure to the coffee lands of Central America has just passed, I felt it only fitting to complete my epic tale of coffee based discovery. Some of you may also be aware of an
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COVID-19 – how can you adapt to overcome testing times?

  So, the Coronavirus outbreak is throwing uncertainty and anxiety into a lot of independent business. In times of change, we independents can change quicker than most large scale operations to adapt. Though we tend to specialise and sell only
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How can you support us through the Covid-19 situation?

This is an incredibly challenging time for the whole hospitality industry and we have been amazed with the support we have received from you this far. We hope you will continue utilising our online shop to stock up on your
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We work directly with growers we know and trust to source specialty grade coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility to not just sustain, but to improve how things work.

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