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BBC Good Food Show

This weekend saw us exhibit at the Harrogate BBC Good Food Show selling some of our retail range and brew equipment to foodies and coffee enthusiasts. It was a great opportunity for us to meet some of the people who
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Coffee Processing Explained Part III – The Honey Process (aka semi-washed/pulped natural)

This process goes by several names dependent on origin including ‘pulped natural’, ‘semi-washed’ and ‘semi-lavado’. It sits almost directly in between the washed and natural process and can result in coffees with intense sweetness. Firstly, the ripe cherries are picked
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Coffee Processing Explained – Part II The ‘Natural’ Process

This is arguably the oldest and most original form of coffee processing and was traditionally used to process cherries on a commercial scale (i.e in Brazil) or in areas with limited access to water resources (I.e Ethiopia). It can often
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Open Arms Ball – Saturday 7th February 2015

In June 2011 I spent a month volunteering at Open Arms Malawi with my partner Holly. Open Arms is a charity which provides food and shelter to many of Malawi’s HIV orphaned babies – here’s some information about the fantastic
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Coffee Processing

Coffee Processing Explained

We are often asked about the different processes used at origin as part of coffees journey from seed to cup, so we have decided to produce a short series of blog posts dedicated to explaining the differences between processes and
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The health benefits of coffee

This weekend we were asked to serve our coffee down at Leeds Dock Market, which is run by Leeds based events company, Chilled Events. The market is set to run monthly, with each one having a different theme. The December
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We work directly with growers we know and trust to source specialty grade coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility to not just sustain, but to improve how things work.

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