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Riding the wave of Brexit…

Brexit…most of us are fed up of hearing about it, I know I certainly am! Without wanting to air my personal political views here, I think we can all say that we were unprepared for the decision that was made
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North Start Coffee Roasters

2016…what a year

That’s it! We have just about packed up the last orders and roast number 3619 has just been loaded into our 15kg Giesen which marks the last roast of the year…phew! 2016 has been an immense year for many reasons…and
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5 Quick, Easy and Useful ideas to Minimise Coffee Waste

Here at North Star, we aim to have a positive impact both socially and environmentally, wherever we trade. As part of this commitment, we are constantly trying to develop innovative ways of recycling our waste products and with the recent
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AeroPress Vs French Press/Cafetiere

We are often asked about different brewing methods, and why we would brew something one way or another. You may have been brewing your coffee for a while without ever questioning why you brew using the style to which you
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Gourmet, Specialty, Third Wave….what do they all mean?!

Buying the perfect bag of beans can be a confusing task some times. More often than not, every bag of coffee is labelled as being something special and it can often be difficult to see through the marketing and give
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*We currently have some coffees unavailable due to issues faced by the outbreak of Covid-19. Rest assured we are doing our best to get them back in stock but in the meantime, please review our selection to find a suitable
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We work directly with growers we know and trust to source specialty grade coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility to not just sustain, but to improve how things work.

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