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What to Look for in a Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular and provide an easy way for people to enjoy coffee at home or at work. Coffee subscriptions mean you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee, as it gets delivered right to your doorstep exactly when you need it.

This makes it the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

But getting started with a coffee subscription can be a confusing task with so many available options out there. We’ve put this guide together to help you understand what you should think about when buying a coffee subscription. Hopefully this will mean you find the perfect subscription that “delivers” on every level!

So, what kind of things should you take into consideration?

Ethically Sourced by Experts

Coffee production and processing varies dramatically around the world. This is why we spend so much time, effort and money ensuring that we source only the very best coffee available.

Many cheaper coffee subscriptions are likely to use lower quality, commercial coffee beans. This raises a question around both the ethics and quality of that coffee and if either of those factors are important to you, it is essential you choose a coffee subscription that will provide you with the transparency required to know exactly where the coffee has come from and when it was harvested.

Our sourcing policy is of the upmost importance to us at North Star and is the very reason we started a coffee roastery. We pride ourselves on using some of the best coffee beans in the world to showcase what coffee can really taste like if sourced and roasted well. The relationships we have with our farmers  helps ensure that everyone involved is paid fairly and treated with respect.

Freshly Roasted

You really want to be buying freshly roasted coffee – this ensures your coffee is as flavourful as possible.  We roast our coffee weekly to order and put the roastery date on our packages so you can be assured that you’re drinking only the freshest coffee. A lot of the commercial grade coffee sold in supermarkets has often been roasted up to 18 months ago which will have a really detrimental effect on the possible quality of the coffee.

Our aim as a roaster is to showcase all of the incredible nuances of flavour existent within coffee due to where it has been grown and the care and attention that has gone into its processing. Roasting to order is a big part of the quality of the brewed cup and we guarantee you will taste the difference.

Ground to your Preference

Generally speaking, the most important factor in the quality of your coffee is the possibility for it to be ground fresh each time. There are numerous hand grinders available for you to use at home or on the go but we do understand that at times this is not possible.

What is always super important though is that you get the right coarseness of grind for your brew method. A French Press for instance requires a fairly coarse grind in comparison to an Aeropress and you need a subscription that will allow you to select a grind to suit your brew method.

Variety of Coffees

Single origin coffee and coffee blends can offer a wide range of flavours. From fruity and complex coffees to ones that are smoother and more balanced, our specialty coffee range has plenty of options to suit a range of different flavour preferences.

Having the ability to taste different blends and single origins will introduce you to lots of different types of coffees, all with slightly different characteristics. This could end up introducing you to a new coffee that you’ve never tried before that could end up becoming your new favourite!

We also think being able to try lots of coffees helps identify if there is a certain type of coffee you realise you prefer. For example, perhaps you really just prefer the fruitiness of an African single origin. This can help you learn about your own preferences for future purchases.

Length of Subscription

Not everyone wants the same length coffee subscription, so look for one that suits your needs. We offer weekly and fortnightly 3 and 6 month subscriptions here at North Star Coffee Roasters. You can decide what length suits you best and then sit back and relax knowing delicious coffee is on its way to your doorstep each week.

We also give you flexibility in how much coffee you order so you have enough to keep you going whilst keeping it nice and fresh – if you go on holiday or are away at any point you can simply email us to let us know and we will postpone your subscription for you.

Expert Knowledge and Support

To get the most out of a coffee subscription, it’s good to understand the best brew recipes for the coffee you receive. This is where having a team of passionate coffee professionals sourcing, roasting, packing and delivering your coffee will mean your coffee subscription is the highlight of your week. We have so much support available both online in our guides and at the North Star Coffee Academy for you to get stuck into and really learn how to get the most from your beans.

North Star Coffee Subscriptions

If you’re thinking of getting started with a coffee subscription, why not check out our range of subscriptions or get in contact with us, we are a small team here and enjoy chatting to our customers to provide any support or advice that we can.

Hope to hear from you soon 😊

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