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There’s a lot more that goes into coffee than you might think.

Creating an amazing cup requires a whole load of effort from everyone working in the supply chain who are all focused on the same goal. Farmers carefully nurture their coffee plants and selectively harvest the beans before carefully processing them and preparing them for shipment. It is then up to us to take those beans and roast them attentively with awareness and consideration for where they have come from and how that impacts the decisions we make.

But it doesn’t stop here, the final role falls to the brewer who can make that coffee sink or swim in the cup in mere minutes dependent on the method and equipment chosen.

Brewing coffee well really requires attention to detail from the amount of coffee weighed to the brew time to the grind size used – getting these factors wrong can really undo all the hard work that has already been put in further up the supply chain and an outstanding coffee can really become rather ordinary through incorrect brewing practice.

So, how can you give yourself the best chance at making the perfect cup of coffee?

Well, getting stocked up with the most important coffee accessories is certainly a great place to start. These pieces of equipment will help provide you with the tools necessary to craft coffee that is truly remarkable.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best coffee accessories for anyone who loves and wants to bring out the huge potential in specialty coffee.

Barista Coffee Accessories & Tools

The following accessories are perfect for any baristas and café owners. These coffee accessories will help ensure you can deliver the best coffee to your customers.


It goes without saying that the starting point has to be a quality bean. By that, we mean high grown specialty grade Arabica coffee that has been scored above 80 out of 100 based on it’s exceptional flavour profile, cleanliness and uniformity. It is easy to consider all coffee in the same way, as a method for staving off sleep or energising for the day ahead! However, once you have tasted specialty grade coffee we know you will never go back. There is a huge array of different flavour profiles available in coffee and understanding what you want to serve is a must.

If you’re interested in learning more about the variety of profiles available in coffee due to the origin, process or roast then we’d recommend getting in touch and letting us organise a cupping session with you. This allows you to experience a variety of different flavours and ensures you find the perfect one for yourself.

Commercial Grinder

When serving coffee in a café or restaurant, the potential quality of the product you serve all starts with the grinder you have in place. It is absolutely essential that you are using something that is consistent and allows you to grind each shot fresh. We always recommend an automated grinder and preferably one with a built in fan to control the temperature. It is imperative you grind on demand as serving coffee freshly ground makes such a huge difference and will ensure the coffee you serve holds on to all those incredible aromas.


The next step is of course the quality of the tamper you use. Ideally you are looking for one that is easy to hold and that fits the basket of your porter filter. The method used is of course essential in ensuring an even distribution and compression but the tamper itself is an important factor to take into account.


Black Tamper

Personal Milk Jug

Many baristas will end up having a favourite milk jug, that becomes their secret weapon for any milk based coffee drink, such as flat whites, cappuccinos, and lattes. A milk jug that a barista feels comfortable with will help them pour steamed milked effectively and may even assist with the pouring of latte art.


Scales are very important for measuring both the weight of your dry and brewed coffee. If the measurement is off, then your coffee recipe is likely to be off which will impact taste. Having scales that are easy to use will make a barista’s life a lot easier in ensuring consistency and quality.

Latte Art Dice

This really is a bit of fun and can help your barista’s to improve their skills and engage with customers a bit more. Why not try having a set next to your till for the customer to roll on paying? It can be a really nice way of developing your offering and adding a personal touch for your customers.


Home & Kitchen Coffee Accessories

The following accessories are perfect for the home coffee enthusiast. These coffee accessories will ensure you can make professional cups of coffee in the comfort of your own home.


Just like a barista and coffee shops, someone making coffee at home needs to make sure they are using the best coffee available. Our online shop has a range of coffees to try. We offer a variety of single origins as well as some popular blends. We can also grind the coffee for your preferred brew method and have advice available on finding a flavour profile suited to your personal taste.


Water Filter

Water makes up most of your cup so ensuring you’re using the best water is definitely recommended. Sometimes the water out of the tap is just not up for the job due to its hardness or softness. A water filter can help manage and balance the water composition, eliminating this variable in your coffee brewing.

Home Espresso Machine

For serious coffee drinkers, a home espresso machine is a highly desired piece of equipment. It can give someone the tools to make themselves espresso coffee in the comfort of their own home.

For tips and advice on which home espresso machines to buy, make sure you get in contact. We’ve tried and tested every type of machine out there and we can help guide you in the right direction. There are so many to choose from, and in a lot of cases, you don’t necessarily get what you pay for so it’s worth researching and getting clued up.

(Check out our La Marzocco Linea Mini review here).

Home barista kit


Grinding your own coffee beans can ensure you get the freshest flavours and aromas from the coffee bean. There are plenty of coffee grinders designed for home use, from electric to handheld grinders.

For help finding the perfect grinder, make sure you catch up on Ollie’s blog post explaining some of the things to look out for when buying a coffee grinder.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Getting a gooseneck kettle is a worthwhile investment for the home coffee enthusiast. The gooseneck shaped spout makes it much easier to control the pour particularly with more intricate methods such as the Chemex or Pour Over. You can also get these kettles that allow you to pick the temperature to reach. This makes them a very handy kettle to have in any kitchen. Controlling the brewing temperature will mean you can create the ideal conditions for whatever brew method you pick.

Your Choice of Brew Method

We all have our favourite brew methods. If you don’t want to get an espresso machine, then you are still left with plenty of amazing brew methods. From aeropress Vs French press, to V60 pour overs and Chemex, you want to make sure you have your brew equipment ready.


We offer a range of coffee training and courses to help get you clued up on all the different aspects of specialty coffee. From home barista training to advanced sensory classes, coffee education is a key part of making great cups of coffee.

Coffee Accessories from North Star Coffee

If you’re interested in getting stocked up on anything from coffee beans to espresso machines, make sure give us a shout – we have expertise in a whole manner of areas and can help ensure you never get a bad cup of coffee again 😉


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